[News] Dos Brujos released their new one-track EP “X”

Graz, Austria based Instrumental Heavy Psych/Stoner/Doom/Jam duo Dos Brujos has released their new one-track EP “X” on April 30, 2023. Stream the track through the youTube player below:

New Jam! Recorded live last night using Jamkazam. Dealing with our usual 100 ms average latency from Graz to Barcelona without video is not easy… but fun! More Jams coming soon!” – Armin & Xavier

Dos Brujos is an Instrumental Metal duo from Graz, Austria. Since January 2016 they meet two or three times a month to drink some beers and jam the music they love. All their music are improvisations so every song is and will be played only once. And of course, thry have good days and bad days! So some days jam more than others.

Purchase the track on Bandcamp: https://dosbrujos.bandcamp.com/track/x


  1. X (23:00)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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