[News] Dreamwalkers Inc published the official music video for the track “Oldstead” from new album

Dreamwalkers Inc returns with the new single “Oldstead.” An intense Progressive Metal song that combines groovy bass driven sections with anthemic Metal chorusses and intense breakdowns.

Watch the official music video through the YouTube player below:

This song is a part of the upcoming new album of Dreamwalkers Inc that is slated for release in November of 2023. More information about this album will be unveiled in the coming weeks and months.

The band has now started a crowdfunding campaign to finance the creation of the album, the merchandise and everything around it on their official website. Check out the website to see what the stretchgoals are and how you can help with this!

Special thanks to Anders Wolhar & Hilde Paalvast of Kunsthuis Glue for providing the location for this and to Tibbe Warnier & Paul van Heel of SDG Hub for providing additional equipment for this shoot.” – Dreamwalkers Inc


Storytellers. Society has had a place for them ever since history has been recorded. And stories can be deeper than one might see on the surface. The simplest of fairytales can hold deeper mean ings and social commentary that takes some time to digest. The upcoming new concept album by Dreamwalkers Inc entitled “The First Tragedy of Klahera” can firmly be placed in that category.

Dreamwalkers Inc creates a Melodic blend of Prog Metal & Prog Rock with influences from all over the musical spectrum. With a studio album (2019’s First Re-Draft) and a live album (A Night AtThe Theater in 2020) under their belt, the band returns with this 85+ minute concept album. The years between 2020 and 2023, obviously riddled with a pandemic and other factors that delayed matters significantly, was not just spent making this album and surviving however. It was used (and perhaps needed) as a way to grow closer as a band. Letting old members out and new mem-bers in to discover the real identity of what DWi really is. The resulting 6 person line-from thisprocess sounds fresh and new. Featuring newcomers Sander van Elferen on Drums & Bjorn van der Ploeg on bass providing the rhythmic backbone of the band. Guitarists Lennert Kemper & Norbert Veenbrink provide the Melodic and Heavy tapestries on top. And the vocals are provided by Tom de Wit & Radina Dimcheva who provided different yet distinct voice colors to the mix.

The band boasts a new life energy and creativity that shines through in the 86 minute runtimeof this album. With this release, the band fully sheds it’s origins as “TDW’s backing band” andshowcases a sound that stands apart from earlier output. The musical side of things is infusedwith influences from all 6 individuals heard here. It’s a sound that contains Prog Metal hall-marks and identifiers, but also musical colors that go beyond that template because of this new writing process.

The album’s concept stems from a story written by singer/frontman Tom de Wit which was ad-opted into a novel by Janneke Stam (to be released somewhere in the future). The story is a highfantasy / steampunk epic, that details about a girl found in a forest on a dark fated night that isadopted into a small village by a loving couple. The girl is clearly different from everyone in the village and seems to be at odds with everything. It feels like everything she thinks and stands foris ‘not normal’ according to the world around her. This leads to a dark conclusion at the end of thisrecord that will be revealed as the songs pass. The story of this girl named Klahera forms the basisof this album. Subjects like social alienation & trying to belong somewhere are present here. Butalso concepts as justice, how history is written & the influence and interpretation of religion andit’s consequences are touched upon.

Aided by a cast of voice actors known from other work in the Prog Rock sphere, the band has tried to craft a record that almost plays like a movie from start to finish. The first Tragedy of Klahera is the first in a set of albums and the story will continue on the next record. With this new bodyof music under their belt, Dreamwalkers Inc is excited to get out into the world, play shows andtell this story to whoever wants to hear it. Because some stories deserve to be told and the band believes this is one of them.

Pre-Order the album and Purchase Merch here: https://www.dreamwalkersinc.com/shop/

01. Justice, My Tragedy (8:38)
02. Child of the Bloodmoon (4:36)
03. Oldstead (5:49)
04. Broken Puzzle Piece (6:16)
05. It Lives (5:38)
06. Despicable (5:33)
07. Knowledge From Afar (5:07)
08. Celebrations (7:37)
09. Mother Dearest (13:40)
10. Pushed (4:06)
11 .Heroes And Charlatans (4:42)
12. Discovery (3:51)
13. Chain of Consequences (11:14)

Tom de Wit
/ Lead & Backing Vocals, Synths
Radina Dimcheva / Lead & Backing Vocals
Lennert Kemper / Guitar
Norbert Veenbrink / Guitar
Bjorn van der Ploeg / Bass
Sander van Elferen / Drums
Iris de Boer / Voice of ‘Klahera
Richard de Geest (My Arrival) / Voice of ‘Sonfred/Elder
Rich Gray (Aeon Zen, Annihilator) – Voice of ‘Syrrus
Holly Royle (Disconnected Souls) / Voice of ‘Syriana
Rania Bailey / Voice of ‘Megonia

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