[News] Druid Fluids published the official teaser video for new album “Then, Now, Again & Again”

Adelaide, Australia based Progressive/Psychedelic Rock project Druid Fluids published the official teaser video for new album “Then, Now, Again & Again” out on October 27, 2023 via Copper Feast Records, Six Tonnes De Chair Records, Time Room Records. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

Video – Jake Brown
Live projections – Miles Dunne

The concept of this album unravelled itself slowly, ending its spool right at the final stages of recording. I realised that each song served as a time capsule, though each spoke with a different narrator. Each was telling me that who we were, are & will be is ephemeral. These earlier versions of myself now often seem quite alien.

The timeline of this album was extensive. The inception of some of these songs came at the age of 16/17 years old; long before the intention of each song came to serve as a fragment of this demented mosaic. I was careful to preserve in the editing the person I was when I first started writing each song. I’ve felt and learned confidence in innocence and humility in reflection.

Then, now, again & again.

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://druidfluids.bandcamp.com/album/then-now-again-again


01. Out of Phase 05:38
02. Flutter By 04:41
03. Eternal 03:26
04. Into Me I See 05:56
05. Then, Now, Again & Again 03:31
06. Timeline 05:56
07. Sour’s Happy Fantasy 06:08
08. Jazzy 02:18
09. Rain Pour / Memory Pool 01:55
10. La Rêverie 05:00
11. Layers 05:31

All parts written, recorded, produced & performed by Jamie Andrew

Except for:
*Eli Biles on drums for tracks 1,3,7,11
*Jess Foenander Piano on “La Rêverie.” BV on tracks 3,4,7,10,11
*Oscar Ellery Sitar on tracks 2 & 4

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