[News] Electric Meadow Festival launched a fundraising campaign on Bandcamp to support Ukraine

Ukrainian Psych & Stoner Fest Electric Meadow launched a fundraising campaign to support Ukraine in these terrible times. They are trying to protect their country by releasing bootlegs from the festival on their Bandcamp page. All raised funds will be donated to Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Electric Meadow comments: “It seems that due to the Russian leaders, 10th anniversary of Electric Meadow Festival is under threat. That is why we are opening our own front to fight against Russia’s expansion. Many of our musicians, friends, relatives are now defending our country, we in turn support them financially.

That’s why we’re unpacking our archives to create new releases with purpose to invest all raised money to direct help for our defenders. Everyone who buys music on our Bandcamp invests their share in protection of Freedom!

And now about the initiative itself: for several years now we have been slowly releasing bootlegs recorded live at the festival. There are 5 releases at this moment. All of them are available at electricfest.bandcamp.com. Therefore, you can listen and purchase immediately. Tomorrow we will release the next live album a skillfully played by Ukrainian band Goodbye Earth, performing music in the styles of math rock/post-rock, recorded in the summer of 2017.

Also, we urge you not to stay away, to share this post, to support the Armed Forces and our musicians. Glory to Ukraine!!!

Below you can find all the official links:

Electric Meadow |Official Website|Facebook Page|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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