[News] Electric Orange publish the video for “EOXXV” Potpourri live at Finkenbach Festival

We are particularly pleased to present the first-time streaming of this live recording from Electric OrangeEOXXV” Potpourri, live at Finkenbach Festival.

The recording runs at 17:36 minutes, it was made on August 9, 2019, between one and three in the morning. On the cameras were: Bernd Hohmann, Yvonne Scherrer, Ralf Sattler and Andi Weimann.
Editor: Andreas Weimann.

Comments: “According to our guarantors, this last “Finki” of its kind was characterized by “good mood and grateful audience, as always at this festival so far.” How was the last time? Because the mani Neumeuer (Guru Guru), who has been in charge since the beginning, has just withdrawn from the festival due to incompatible views, but the festival should obviously continue with a new concept.”

EOXXV is available in CD and Digital Download on Bandcamp: https://electricorange.bandcamp.com/album/eoxxv

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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