[News] Electric Talon to release “The Lumbar Endeavor: A Holy Pilgrimage to Jerusalem”

For the first time, this phenomenal re-imaging of Sleep’s timeless classic, “Dopesmoker,” from the supergroup The Lumbar Endeavor is available on cassette.

noun: special honor or respect shown publicly, to pay tribute to

This is a tribute, cover recordingā€””a reimagined offering that includes the riffs you know, variations on others, with brass and string sectionsā€¦ a new sonic adventure for all“ā€”from three men who wish to share a different version of a classic release by pioneers on an incredible smoke-filled journey through space and time. The Lumbar Endeavor, normally just Aaron Edge, welcomes George Chamberlin (of Ritual Earth, Autumn) and Aaron Walters (of Akimbo) to round out this monolithic release.

Jerusalem” and “Dopesmoker” are two versions of the third studio album by the American Heavy band known as Sleep. The music for these albums comprises an extended hour-length piece (either split into multiple shorter tracks or presented as a single track), developed over four years and recorded in 1996 under the auspices of Sleep‘s label at the time, London Records. All versions of the albumā€”released in many formats on different labels over the yearsā€”receive high praise from music critics, who described it as ‘a high-water mark in both the Stoner Metal and Doom Metal genres.’

Purchase the album on Bandcamp:

Band: https://thelumbarendeavor.bandcamp.com/album/a-holy-pilgrimage-to-jerusalem

Label: https://talonrecordsusa.bandcamp.com/album/the-lumbar-endeavor-a-holy-pilgrimage-to-jerusalem


01. A Holy Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Pt. One 09:51
02. A Holy Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Pt. Two 09:49
03. A Holy Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Pt. Three 09:32
04. A Holy Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Pt. Four 10:36
05. A Holy Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Pt. Five 06:02
06. A Holy Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Pt. Six 09:16

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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