[News] Emilio Molina published the official full stream for his new album “Nadador”

Valparaíso, Chile based Instrumental Progressive Rock/R.I.O. artist Emilio Molina published the official full stream for his new album “Nadador” out on June 21, 2024. Stream the whole album through the YouTube player below:

Nadador” is a musical journey that begins in 2021 and presents my most conceptual work to date, although the music was developed in complete freedom and in an almost total absence of pre-conceptions. The music follows the earthly and spiritual journey of Lieutenant Clark Niggeriah, nicknamed the “Swimmer of Clear Waters,” or simply the “Swimmer.” This now mythical character was a well-known interdimensional traveller who was given the arduous task of traversing the universe to unravel the great questions of consciousness. He soon realised that this journey was nothing more than a test he had to undergo in order to find a stage of enlightenment that would make him merge with the cosmos…

The inspiration for both the music and the conceptual ideas comes mainly from my old man, Marko Molina, a great and multidisciplinary artist, and particularly from a painting of his done in lithography technique, from which I took the title and decided to include as the back cover for the physical edition of this album.

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://emiliomolina.bandcamp.com/album/nadador

01. Nadador de Diáfanas Aguas 03:47
02. Liebestod 05:28
03. Descenso 06:18
04. La Edad de la Pirámide 07:42
05. El Viejo Mapa del Mundo 07:23
06. Circunstancias Circenses 10:54
07. Nadador 06:58

Emilio Molina / Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Voice, Percussions, Digital Drums, MIDI Sounds
Fabián Fernández
/ Drums
Rubens Bustamante / Transverse Flute (2, 3 & 5), Baritone Saxophone (2), Korg MS 20 Mini (5)
Pablo Fernández / Electric Bass (4)
Cris Áneta / Congas and Tambourine (4)
Simón Asenjo / Darbuka (6)
Morus / KingKORG Synthesizer (6)

Emilio Molina |Bandcamp|Instagram|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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