[News] Everything you need to know about Bear Stone Festival 2024

Instead of doing a bunch of individual posts, we have decided to pack everything into one massive announcement. Buckle up for everything you need to know about next year’s Bear Stone Festival.

Here are the most important things about Bear Stone Festival 2024:

– the dates for Bear Stone Festival 2024 are July 04-07

– the duration of the festival will be expanded to 4 days

– the lineup will consist of 28 bands

– introducing a brand new stage located in a newly opened part of the festival

The 3rd stage will be appropriately titled the Mill Stage and it will be located in a part of the festival that hasn’t been previously available for visitors. The name for the stage comes from an old mill that was used in its vicinity ages ago. The Mill Stage will enable us to host a larger number of emerging bands, both domestic and foreign, and to give them an opportunity to show their goods to Bear Stone Festival visitors.

Even though the Mill Stage is located in the center of a new festival area, it is not its biggest attraction. Just up the pathway that leads you to the Mill Stage, you will find access to an ankle-high river which leads straight into the upstream of the Mrežnica canyon enriched by the ever-present murmur of nearby waterfalls.

With the introduction of the Mill Stage, we have also renamed our main stage to the Stone Stage as an homage to the mighty cliff which looms over it. The Stone Stage will continue to host a number of top-notch bands from all over the world while the entire music concept of the festival remains rooted in the widest possible array of Stoner, Psychedelic, Desert, Fuzz, Doom, Sludge deliciousness brought to you by 28 bands spread between the stages. The Jam Stage, which by now has a somewhat of a legendary status, will continue to be firmly in charge of the daytime part of the festival.

The Mill Stage will have 16 bands over the course of 4 days with no overlaps with the Stone Stage. The Stone Stage will continue in its current mode with 12 bands performing on Friday, July 05 and Saturday, July 06. There will also be a special afterparty programme with a brand new approach to the after hours part of the festival, but more on that soon.

Aftermovie 2023: https://youtu.be/C6_WYDUAy60?si=Uay3snwd_5WIMOUm   

This Wednesday, October 11 at 10 AM CET we’ll be releasing the first batch of extremely limited festival tickets titled “Blind Bear Tickets”. These tickets are meant for our most loyal fans who trust us enough to purchase tickets without seeing any of the lineup. The price of a Blind Bear ticket will be 53€.

Shortly after the Blind Bear tickets are sold out, we’ll be releasing a limited run of Early Bear tickets that will be priced at 63€, and the first part of the lineup. The price for a Standard festival ticket will be 73€, and the price of tickets purchased on the day of the festival, if  there are any available, will be 83€. As always, all tickets include parking and camping for all 4 days of the festival including the Early Arrival which will be available from the afternoon of Wednesday, July 03

To address many of the inquiries we received before Bear Stone Festival 2023, we wish to officially announce in advance that there will be no day tickets. We firmly believe in the full festival concept that Bear Stone Festival has to offer and we do not want that experience to be based solely on an individual performer. While we do understand that there are people who won’t be able to attend the entire festival, with this decision we wish to encourage visitors that are used to experiencing festivals solely through their lineup.

Although the lineup represents a significant aspect of Bear Stone Festival, its essence lies in fully immersing yourself in the festival’s natural surroundings and connecting with the priceless nature it offers. Eliminating day tickets is not a financially more viable option for us, but from our very beginnings we have stood behind our core values that are based around our never ending determination to push the limits of festival experience. Therefore it is our decision to be consistent in the way we approach Bear Stone Festival. We invite those who share our vision to stand with us and embrace the true essence of Bear Stone Festival. 

We also wish to address the shortcomings of some of our external service providers, to whom we have outsourced certain festival operations. We understand that this may have caused some inconvenience to our visitors and this is why we are pleased to announce that for next year’s edition of the festival, we will implement special teams in various sectors dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation of the festival for your maximum enjoyment.

Our primary objectives are to provide pristine restroom facilities and minimise waiting times at the entrances and bars. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to going above and beyond to achieve it.

Embark with us on another journey through nature and music on

July 04-07 2024.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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