[News] Existenter to release the single “Child Inside” out on Feabruary 22, 2022

Russian Metal act Existenter presents Heavy Metal guitar riffs with evolving melodies and female vocals.
The band includes:
Anton Mityugin – composer, bass guitarist, backing vocalist;
Aleksandr Sidelin – the author of music and lyrics, also in his power guitar and backing vocals;
Miroslava Mirova is responsible for keyboards;
Anton Zaitsev – drums;
And Maya Gitsina, whose vocals permeate all the compositions of the band.

Existenter plays Metal, but they have a groove feel and a distinct style of their own that are not often found in this genre. The guys are inspired by the creativity of such leaders of the Modern Metal scene as Soen, Vola, Haken, Karnivool, Gojira, Spiritbox, Architects.

Existenter express their thoughts and concerns without resorting to preaching. Even the name of the band corresponds to the idea, mission and philosophy that echoes in each composition. Existenter is a person who inspires all living things and revives all dead things.

After the release of their debut album “Planet in the Universe” in May 2021, band has started to release a new singles and EP from second upcoming album “Lonely Artist,” that will be out in 2022.

Single “Child Inside” will be out February 22, 2022.

Pre-save the single here: https://band.link/Z7x2E

The idea of the song “Child Inside” is that little child lives inside our souls and manages our thoughts
As a result, all his dreams and desires are realized by a person with a body as an outer shell.
The inspiration and tastes that we receive at an early age stay with us for life.
Therefore, the age of a person does not depend on the physical number of met sunsets and sunrises on the planet. It’s all about his inner self. What experience his child got inside and determines the personality.
Not many people at a conscious age understand this.

And when they understand, a new world opens up for them. And this beautiful world opens up new horizons. When there is a desire to create and develop as a person, following your childhood dream no matter what.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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