[News] Experimental Doom outfit Khanate is back after fourteen year hiatus

We have been biting our tongue for months in anticipation of today’s mammoth announce: Khanate, the Experimental Doom outfit featuring members of Sunn O)))OLD, and Blind Idiot God, have returned after a self-imposed, fourteen year hiatus. The band surprise released their fifth album, “To Be Cruel,” overnight, with the 3-track, 60 minute album available to stream now! You can also Pre-Order the album on various physical formats including the Sacred Bones mail-order exclusive metallic bronze vinyl, while supplies last. The album comes out physically on June 30th, Pre-Order here!

The highly influential Khanate (Alan Dubin, Stephen O’Malley, James Plotkin & Tim Wyskida) dimmed the lights fifteen years ago. Now it turns out those muted years were but a foreboding prelude to an abrupt awakening – the era of “To Be Cruel.” Three songs newly shining light on distinct, destitute, clinging terrors. Khanate’s slow dimensions have been amplified horrifically. Personal grievances have become generational vendettas.

01. Like a Poisoned Dog 19:20
02. It Wants to Fly 21:43
03. To Be Cruel 20:09

Alan Dubin
/ Vocals
Stephen O’Malley / Guitar, Feedback
James Plotkin / Bass Guitar, Synthesis
Tim Wyskida / Drums, Percussion

Music Composed & Produced by Khanate
Lyrics by Alan Dubin

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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