[News] Fish On Mars published the official music video for the new single “Pluto’s Revenge”

Embark on a cosmic musical journey with Slovenia’s pre-eminent Space Rock quartet, Fish on Mars. Brace yourself for a celestial rollercoaster ride as they return to the intergalactic stage with their powerful new single “Pluto’s Revenge.” Released on June 21, 2023, this magnetic and evocative composition beautifully blends the bold elements of Progressive Rock with the ethereal whispers of Space Rock.

Watch the official music video through the youTube player below:

Their latest work resonates deeply with a rich, melodic narrative – a soundtrack to a celestial saga of resistance and retaliation. The controversy over the status of Pluto is the lifeblood of the piece. Once known as the ninth planet in our solar system, its demotion to a dwarf planet didn’t sit well with its hypothetical inhabitants, the Plutonians, hence the title “Pluto’s Revenge.”

The band, consisting of Goran Štefanec on bass, Renato Brainich on guitars, Tomaž Pačnik on keyboards, and Žiga Kožar on drums, have masterfully created a captivating and unique soundscape that reflects this cosmic drama. The single was meticulously recorded using hi-def 16 track 2” analog multitrack tape at the prestigious Prosdocimi Recording Studio in Italy, before being perfected and mixed at the Trylobyte Mix Room on the Adriatic coast. The mastering was executed at the renowned DaGoose Mastering in the Netherlands, ensuring a production quality that equals the grandeur of its theme.

Accompanying the release is an artful and hypnotic music video, created by Italian graphic artist Daniele Arcuri, that captures the essence of the song’s narrative and provides a visual treat that enhances the auditory experience.

“Pluto’s Revenge” is a testament to Fish on Mars’ ability to push boundaries and present unique, thought-provoking music. It invites listeners to ponder cosmic questions and the mysteries of the universe while enjoying a potent dose of the band’s distinct space rock sound.

Find “Pluto’s Revenge” now on major streaming platforms. Engage in this audacious celestial saga and dive deep into the depths of progressive space rock with Fish on Mars. A voyage to Pluto has never been so enticing or so rockin’!

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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