[News] Flaming Bess published the first 2 tracks “Shadows Of Dawn/Scriptum Praeterita 1” from new album

German Progressive Rock band Flaming Bess published the first 2 tracks “Shadows Of Dawn/Scriptum Praeterita 1” from new album “Wrinkle Of Time” out on June 03, 2023. Stream the tracks through the YouTube player below:

Flaming Bess are releasing a new album, “Wrinkle Of Time
The band: “Our final and best work.”

It all began in 1969 when the Rock band Flaming Bess got together in Düsseldorf. With the great successes of “Tanz der Götter” (1979) and “Verlorene Welt” (1981), the career of the musicians really took off. Since then, Flaming Bess have produced five more albums. With their album “Der gefallene Stern” the band had again a strong and positive response in the trade press in 2013; the loyal fan community was simply thrilled.

The band then very consciously took their time to compose twelve convincing songs for their current album: The new songs on “Wrinkle Of Time” are complex and therefore needed time to grow – they are journeys into the world of Flaming Bess, journeys with plenty of depth and surprising twists.
In the title song “Wrinkle Of Time,” the band’s history is told in a metaphorical way: “Now here we are again at the end of an age…” This time, the lyrical and musical concept which is typical for Flaming Bess is also a retrospective of everything that was, in what has happened over the past decades, which is what the band is emotionally concerned with today.

Flaming Bess put a lot of heart and soul into their current project: “We gave everything until our souls were dry…” – and that’s unmistakable.
The new album is rounded off by a 24-page booklet with very personal lyrics – and of course everything in a high-quality presentation. It describes the band’s history and documents statements by individual band members about the process of creating their latest album. The result is a document of decades of deep friendship and intense collaboration between Flaming Bess:
In our hearts we decided, we will never be divided.”
In any case, “Wrinkle Of Time” is a MUST for all friends of Melodic, Progressive Rock music.

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://flamingbess.bandcamp.com/album/flaming-bess-wrinkle-of-time


  1. Shadows Of Dawn (6:58)
  2. Scriptum Praeterita 1 (2:28)
  3. Wrinkle Of Time (14:15)
  4. On The Edge (4:40)
  5. Distance (9:40)
  6. Cold Comes The Night (6:21)
  7. Time Flies (6:43)
  8. Dreamfall (5:57)
  9. Wind Of Hope (5:12)
  10. Now I Regret (4:20)
  11. Scriptum Praeterita 2 (1:46)
  12. Universal Mind (10:54)


Hans Wende
Achim Wierschem
Peter Figge
Hans Schweiss
Mike Hartman
/ Vocals
Markus Roth / Piano
Martin Kuna / Synth Solo
Andres Rexach / Guitars
Markus Wierschem / Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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