[News] Francis Dunnery’s It Bites to release “Live From The Black Country” on CD and Blu-ray

This is the new Francis Dunnery’s It BitesLive From The Black Country” Blu-ray/2xCD which comes packaged in a 3 disc DigiFile format.

Watch the official promo video through the YouTube player below:

It was my guitar hero Steve Hackett who changed my mind about continuing It Bites,Dunnery explains. “After emphatically singing Dancing With The Moonlit Knight on Steve’s brilliant Genesis Revisited 2 project, I was utterly excited beyond belief when he agreed to return the favour and play a gig for me at the infamous Charlie and Kathleen Dunnery Children’s Fund music festival in my home town in Cumbria. I asked him outright why he continues to play old Genesis music and he said “I always thought the music to be very special and I wanted it to continue so that people could still get to enjoy it”. After receiving a million emails and messages both in person and online about continuing It Bites I decided to give it my best shot and get those old songs spruced up and ready for the general public.

This new recording is about as close as you will get to the original band and the original live shows. We went deep into detail to recreate these wonderful old tunes and my band left no stone unturned in our commitment to getting it right. What we have here is probably the best sonically sounding version of these songs that are out there, the best picture quality and the most complete versions of the songs ever played live. We also have a bunch of songs that haven’t been released on any live format before this time.

With a new studio album about to be recorded in December,” Dunnery confirms. “I believe this is a fantastic representation of the band and the 2023 live show that we all worked so hard to achieve.

Available for Pre-Order with an October 6th, 2023 release date hete: https://www.tigermothshop.co.uk/store/It-Bites-Francis-Dunnery-UK-c155407506

Francis‘ live shows have gone from strength to strength in recent years and they certainly peaked on the latest tour (January 2023).

This Blu-ray concert has captured the atmosphere and technical majesty of Francis and his band in perfect HD clarity on this special night at Wolverhampton, England.

Featuring many of the classic It Bites songs from all three albums, this is a must-buy for any It Bites, Francis Dunnery and music fans alike.

Track listing for both Blu-ray and CDs:

01. All In Red
02. Positively Animal
03. Yellow Christian
04. Sister Sarah
05. Plastic Dreamer
06. Underneath Your Pillow
07. Old Man And The Angel
08. Charlie
09. Hunting The Whale
10. Turn Me Loose
11. Leaving Without You
12. People of America
13. Screaming On The Beaches
14. Kiss Like Judas
15. Still Too Young to Remember
16. Once Around The World


Francis Dunnery / Guitar, Lead Vocals
Bjorn Fryklund / Drums
Paul Brown / Bass Guitar
Luke Machin / Guitar, backing vocals
Quint Starkie / Triggers, backing vocals
Peter Jones / Keyboards, backing vocals

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