[News] Froglord published the single “Wednesday” taken from the upcoming new album

Bristol, UK based Heavy Psych/Stoner/Doom project Froglord published the single “Wednesday” taken from the upcoming new album “Sons of Froglord” due out July 7, 2023. Stream the track through the YouTube player below:

Courtesy of 666MrDoom official YouTube channel

Formed during the pandemic as a one-man project, Froglord released their first EP in 2020, followed soon after by a full length album. Through their infectious grooves, storytelling, and DIY music videos, Froglord quickly amassed an online cult-like following. After the release of their second album “The Mystic Toad” a year later, Froglord developed into a full 4-piece band as live venues began to reopen. Since then Froglord have released a further EP, split record, a single and their third full length album in 2022, developing both a powerful and theatrical stage presence.

Whilst Froglord‘s sound leans primarily toward stoner doom, they have taken stong influnces from Pychedelia, Progressive Metal, Sludge, and Grunge; to deliver the tale of The Froglord through a concept-based discography.

Rooted also in environmentalism, Froglord has worked closely with “Save The Frogs,” the worlds largest amphibian-based conservation charity, raising over £2500 through “Save The Frogs” EP sales and campaigning, as well as £300 for the Human Dignity Trust through merch sales.

-500 years before ascension-

He tires of wordly trappings and so departs into the wilderness. There, the great Wizard Gonk awaits. A mighty guide through this garden. Together they seek it’s forbidden fruit; the Road Raisins. Once found, the flesh is consumed, giving way to visions of a coming collapse. The sound of The Amphibian can be heard, calling to the sage, and The Froglady’s embrace guides him back to earth. Returning to the world on a Wednesday, he knows he must hold on till the lord cometh. Till that time, the mind must be honed and create a swamp of it’s own.” – Froglord

Purchase the stand-alone single “Wednesday” on Bandcamp: https://froglord.bandcamp.com/track/wednesday-single-sof


01. Wizard Gonk
02. Garden
03. Road Raisin
04. Collapse
05. The Sage
06. Froglady
07. Wednesday
08. Hold On
09. A Swamp Of My Own
10. Closing Ceremony
11. Born On The Bayou

Froglord |Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Instagram|Spotify|
|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Instagram|Spotify|

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