[News] Fruits de Mer records to release a new retrospective album featuring The Luck Of Eden Hall

Fruits de Mer Records turns 15 years old this year and it feels like a good time/excuse to launch a series of retrospectives, featuring artists who have supported the label consistently over the years, for some inexplicable reason. As we launched Fruits de Mer as a vinyl label back in 2008, just at the point when vinyl was declared dead and buried, what better time to launch a series of CDs as the compact disc is widely reported to be in terminal decline? That said, we are doing our best to give the CDs a bit of vinyl feel, thanks to Sam Giles Design.

This second release in the series focusses on The Luck of Eden Hall, who have graced the grooves of FdM for about a dozen years, led by Curvey Gregory. The CD selects tracks from their various FdM releases and ends with a couple of tracks that are exclusive to this compilation.

Curvey explains the history of the band…
The Luck of Eden Hall formed in 1988 as a three piece band. At the time we were into psychedelic revival bands like The Church, Rain Parade, and Dream Syndicate. We released our first album, Corner Of The Sky (1989), on our own; the 200 cassettes sold out. We then signed to Limited Potential Records and released a single to rave reviews, but the loss of our original drummer threw the band into chaos, and the full length album recorded for Limited was never released, and the tapes were burned. At least I hope they were burned. We got our first international press when our second full length album, Belladonna Marmalade (1994), appeared in Ptolemaic Terrascope, and the band made a few small tours of the midwestern United States. We played with The Lemonheads, Material Issue, and Michael Peters of The Alarm, then took a break.
We decided to start up again with the release of Subterrene (2002), and When The Clock Starts To Wake Up We Go To Sleep (2006). Around that time we were asked to create a track for the Fruits de Mer Records release A Phase We’re Going Through (2010), starting up the wonderfully fruitful relationship represented on this compilation. One small opportunity can open so many doors, and I will be forever thankful to Fruits de Mer.

After a slew of LP releases, the final one being “The Acceleration Of Time” (2016), TLoEH decided to return to its cryogenic sleeping chamber for some dream time. Mark Lofgren has released a few albums solo as well as with his band The Thin Cherries; Curvey has scored a few films, released four LPs with his band Custard Flux, and has appeared on albums by bands including Sendelica, Astral Magic, Anton Barbeau and The Honey Pot. The original band are no more, but this CD looks back at some great music – originals and covers – from a fine band.

Pre-Order here: https://www.fruitsdemerrecords.com/loehintro.html


01. Love Is Only Sleeping (Mann/Weil) – originally released on
      ‘A Phase We’re Going Through’ compilation LP (2010)
02. Lucifer Sam (Barrett) – from ‘Roqueting Through Space’    
     compilation LP + 7” (2010)
03. She Comes In Colours (Lee)  The Luck Of Eden Hall EP 7” (2011)
04. Never My Love (Addrisi/Addrisi) The Luck Of Eden Hall EP 7” (2011)
05. The Ottoman Girl (Luck Of Eden Hall) The Luck Of Eden Hall EP 7”  
06. Something’s In The Air (Keene) 
     ‘Keep Off The Grass’ compilation double LP (2012)
07. SF Sorrow Is Born (May/Taylor/Waller) ‘’Sorrow’s Children compilation LP (2012)
08. The Crystal Ship (Morrison) The Luck Of Eden Hall EP  7” (2012)
09. Black Sheep (SRC) The Luck Of Eden Hall EP  7” (2012
10. Bangalore (Curvey) The Luck Of Eden Hall EP 7” (2012)
11. This Is Strange (Curvey / Lofgren) The Luck Of Eden Hall EP 7” (2012)
12. A Drop In The Ocean (Luck of Eden Hall) ‘The Crabs Freak Out’ compilation CD (2012)
13. Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey (Lennon /McCartney)
        The White EP compilation double 7” (2012)
14. Psychotic Reaction (Count Five) 
         ‘Postcards From The Deep’ compilation set 10 flexis + CD (2014)
15. Starship Trooper (Anderson / Howe / Squire) ‘Sideshows’ compilation LP (2015)
16. Reflected (Alice Cooper) ‘The Three Seasons’ compilation 3LP set (2018)

Not previously released by Fruits de Mer Records…

17. Stop Stop Stop Clarke / Hicks / Nash) 
        intended for ‘Re-Evolution – FdM Play The Hollies’ but not included (2013)
18. China Girl (Bowie / Iggy Pop) recorded with the band Sendelica (2015)

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