[News] Fughu published the official video for their new single “Alive”

Argentinian Progressive Rock/Metal band Fughu published the official video for their new single “Alive.” Watch the video through the youTube player below:

Video written and directed by: Marcelo Malmierca
Post-production, photography and main camera: Alejandro López
Additional camera: JM López
Puppeteers: JM López, Marcelo Malmierca, Renzo Favaro
Prop(s) Master: Marcelo Malmierca
Production Assistants: Ariel Bellizio, Renzo Favaro

It’s Alive!
An endearing die-cast Maradona will have us joining his adventures. A lysergic trip throughout the lanes of life, passion being the only fuel for this V8 engine.
ALIVE, the video, will make us become witnesses of the whereabouts of this tripper, who went through La Boca and Italy, who left his indelible mark in Spain and Rosario. Who had good ones and bad ones, and is still travelling with all of us.
ALIVE, a heart not afraid to pump blood and roar to the powerful ones, fearing no consequences. The game made art on every surface. That man who was made god, and multiplied bread and goals.
This is how Fughu began their trip towards their new album. Kickstart for what’s coming. Confusing the adversary appears to be Fughu’s strategy this time, and the only way to win… is playing.
” – Fughu


Is the band capable of taking a polyhedron from Buenos Aires to Loreley in Germany.
And as every action has a reaction following, this is what this generation X is doing: sending some rock back to Europe, now impregnated with mystique from Atahualpa, Piazzolla, Gardel and Maradona.
There is still magic to be shown and rock to be shouted out loud,” is what these five horns of the apocalypse seem to say.
Some people say Fughu is a mix between Metallica, Pink Floyd, Edgar Allan Poe and Lewis Carroll
Well… that’s not true!

In 1999, in a school in the Saavedra neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Ariel Bellizio (Guitar) and Alejandro López (Drums), got together like two strangers on an improvised school stage, they drove the audience crazy, playing songs by Megadeth and Deep Purple, after which they were expelled, but their paths no longer be split-up.

Marcelo Malmierca: 10 years old, son of an unknown Jazz drummer, went crazy with King Crimson, ELP, Van Der Graaf and Astor Piazzolla, to finally lose his sanity making his own synthesizers looking to reproduce those sounds that invaded his head.

Juan Manuel López: known as the Argentinian with the most knowledge about KISS, gets lost in the plot of Queen‘s “Sheer Heart Attack.” Today he plays the bass while diving into the life and work of David Bowie.

Renzo Favaro: still lives the roar of the audience in the live Iron Maiden cassettes that he listened to in his childhood and his disbelief when hearing the treble of “Painkiller” for the first time.Fate would bring together these five characters who join forces seeking to create in others the emotions that their idols generated in them.

Stream the track on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4CH5RBEQieSm6ZCdZl8RIu?si=uTBWmjaOTVOOZ0F7C32lFQ

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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