[News] Gabriele Bellini announces the new album “Motus” for June 15, 2023

Motus” is Gabriele Bellini‘s newest album.

In continuity with the creative conception that has seen the birth of the various previous albums in his discography, from the first “Trilogy” (Primo Acustico Shock ElettricoDe Revolutionibus Orbium CelestiumEvolution) to “Recreation” and “Acoustic Spaces,” up to “Rebellion Party” and “V.O.R. Part.1,” this latest work is the artist’s most realistic and musically mature point of arrival.

Even the search for a certain type of sound to give the whole album is the result of a multitude of sounds and colours, some from the past and revitalised on this occasion, in a new harmonic and melodic context, driven by the basic elements (guitar-bass-drums). Everything is performed with the purest and rawest naturalness, while keeping alive that dynamic, expressive and communicative essence that characterises the entire work.

Motus” wants to take this concept to the next level, offering a very wide variety of sound, ranging from classical music to alternative metal. It is a very intense work, with every detail taken care of during its realisation, featuring vocalists from completely different realities, ranging from rap to metal.

Deep reflections, the constant search for new forms of expression, communication, responsiveness and action, the inexhaustible belief/love for beauty, today even more felt as a unique and unmissable opportunity for salvation/rebirth. A punch line that could best describe “Motus” is “Knowing how to listen is the perpetual motion that makes the world go round.”

Internationally acclaimed guitarist and teacher by profession, reviewed by the most important Rock magazines, Gabriele Bellini has always been able to maintain his own original identity, combining his impeccable technique with a profound inspiration coming from his soul, always travelling in search of experimentations through sounds, new limits and boundaries of music.

Motus” was composed and produced by Gabriele Bellini, artistic mediator and additional production by Giacomo “Jac” Salani. Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Giacomo “Jac” Salani La Fucina Studio, Florence. Artwork by Lorenzo Meoni of Imago Media.

Gabriele Bellini will perform on May 14, 2023 at the All Music Festival at Tamburo della Luna in Quarrata.

Motus Credits:
Daniel Melani
/ Vocals on track #1
Edoardo Peruzzi / Vocals on track #5
Lorenzo “Bobby” Masi / Vocals on track #7
Smilzo / Vocals on track #9
Mr. Jack / Vocals on track #11
Gabriele Bellini / Guitars on all tracks, Vocals on track #2, Bass and Drum Programming on track #10
Giacomo “Jac” Salani / Bass on tracks #1 #5 #6 #7 #9 #11
Michel Agostini / Drums on tracks #1 #2 #3 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #11
Lorenzo “Bug” Meoni / Bass on tracks #2 #3 #8

01 – Veritas Filia Temporis
02 – Inverso
03 – Metaverse Era
04 – Afterall
05 – Resilient
06 – V.O.R.
07 – Rockdown
08 – Air On The G String
09 – Element
10 – Only One Planet?

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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