[News] Gary Husband published a video to present the Spandrel’s self-titled debut album

Gary Husband published a video to present the Spandrel‘s self-titled debut album out on March 01, 2022. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

Phil is a veteran of John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra, the version featuring Jean-Luc Ponty. He has played in a succession of indie bands since then (Green Pajamas, Deep Energy Orchestra, Chaos and the Cosmos, and others). Spencer has been a band leader, composer and arranger who grew up hearing Mahavishnu and Godspeed you! Black Emperor, and did his Jazz composition degree at Pacific Lutheran University. Phil and Spencer met and started working together after meeting back stage after a show at The Rendezvous in 2012.

The songs on Spandrel’s debut album are the result of ten years of experimental creation, recomposition, and performance, always honing their structure and sound. The sections of each composition, like movements of a symphony, take the listener on musical journeys into the wonderful unusual. What brought them to fruition was the addition of drumming by legendary English drummer Gary Husband (The Trackers, Allan Holdsworth, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham, Jack Bruce, on and on). Gary added a whole another level of rhythmic sophistication and power to songs that were already deeply rhythmically structured. Together, three equal voices each contributing. Like Joe Zawinul said, no one solos, everyone solos.

Spandrel create Jazz and Rock-inspired Fusion, but where the notes don’t get in the way of the composition and rhythm is supreme. The unusual combination of cello and guitar with a world-class drummer is something you just have to hear.

Purchase the album here: https://spandrel-fusion.bandcamp.com/


1. Habituation 04:55
2. Dark Energy 02:36
3. A Day In Rabat 06:05
4. Hero’s Journey 05:48
5. SixFour 02:37
6. Words Travel and So Does Fire 05:29
7. Twisted Sister 07:45


Phil Hirschi / Cello
Spencer Smith / Guitar

Gary Husband / Drums

Spandrel |Bandcamp|Facebook Page|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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