[News] Grandma’s Ashes published the official video for the track “Cassandra” from debut album

Paris, France based Prog/Stoner Rock trio Grandma’s Ashes has published the official video for “Cassandra” taken from their debut full-length album, “This Too Shall Pass,” out on February 17th, 2023. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

Grandma’s Ashes comments: “We’re proud to release the music video for our song »Cassandra«. We hope you like it as much as we enjoyed filming it in the peaceful French country side. This song was written in the anxiety of a world bathed in overconsumption and ignorance of mother nature. We were inspired by the myth of Cassandra, a young woman with the gift of prophecy. Cursed, she cannot be understood or believed by those around her. We hope this video will resonate within you.

Thanks to Julien Metternich, Jeanne Meens and Obso for their work.”

Grandma’s Ashes is a Prog Rock power trio from Paris, France. For almost four years, the band has been gathering people to an introspective and transcendent musical journey on the roads of France. Chrystal clear, melodic vocals mingle on a heavy and precise instrumentation, between pop and melancholy.

Their first EP, “The Fates,” released in January 2021, testified to a singular vision of a modern and narrative Rock. If it constitutes the first piece in the building or rather, the Gothic cathedral that Grandma’s Ashes is building, the group is not yet finished enchanting you!

First Grandma’s Ashes album “This Too Shall Pass” is out on February 17, 2023. After the release of a successful heavy rock debut EP “The Fates,” the ladies are up for a more progressive new opus. This upcoming album showcases the wild range of possibilities Grandma’s Ashes’ ingenious musicianship offers.

Everything is going to disappear, including this album, our music and ourselves. This is a way to express the finitude of materiality. It’s dark and disillusioned at the same time, it represents our attitude regarding adulthood; we realise that what we thought was eternal and unshakeable is actually ephemeral, evolves and changes before disappearing forever.” explains the band.

Purchase and Stream the album here: https://baco.lnk.to/ThisTooShallPass

01. Intro – À mon Seul Désir
02. Cold Touch
03. Aside
04. Borderlands
05. Interlude – Grow
06. Spring Harvest
07. Cruel Nature
08. Interlude – Melt
09. La Ronce
10. Caffeine
11. Cassandra
12. Lost at Sea
13. Aside

/ Bass, Lead Vocals
Myriam / Guitars, Vocals
Edith / Drums, Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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