[News] Gruselthon present the new split album “Witch’s Hand” by Allysen Callery & Mother Bear

Gruselthon, home of exquisite recordings, returns with “Witch’s Hand,” the present collaboration between Allysen Callery & Mother Bear, to the blood-soaked playing field of spooky entertainment, where the eerie Universal Hammer compilation was already born.

On the Universal Hammer Sampler, for the selected music lover the style-forming nucleus of Gruselthon, for some critics the “run-down means of expression of dirigiste mass culture,” the artists met for the first time.

Mother Bear from Dortmund, embody with their sound the rumbling of abandoned industrial complexes of their city of origin. One drags oneself from riff to riff, a colorful Psychedelic world aversion that would not be exhaustively described if one were to assign it exclusively to the stoner genre. On the present tracks there are also impressive Drone passages that wonderfully dock to the software in the synapses of the music lover. Young people preparing to slow down time to travel back in time. Who can blame them. Coming soon live to your dark basement.

Allysen Callery, grande dame of the Gruselthon parent company Cosirecords, world traveler in the matter of “Ghost Folk” did not hesitate for a second to accept the Gruselthons offer for a joint project with Mother Bear. Rooted in the tradition of English Folk singers of the sixties, based in New England, home of all sorts of haunting and witchcraft, Allysen comes up with songs that would have made both Edgar Allen and the Pilgrim Fathers sit up and take notice, always bringing a nasty DIY Punk attitude.

On “Witch’s Hand” you’ll find Experimental, Folky and Rock Heavy passages, a melange of American Gothic and Stoner Rock. 

Stream the whole album through the youTube player below:

Courtesy of 666MrDoom Official youTube Channel

Purchase the split on Bandcamp: https://gruselthon.bandcamp.com/album/witchs-hand


01. Allysen Callery – Witch’s Hand 03:07
02. Mother Bear – Beautiful Teeth (Allysen Callery Cover) 07:21
03. Allysen Callery – I’m Not Scared of the Dark 04:02
04. Allysen Callery – Death Skull (feat. Mother Bear) 04:13
05. Mother Bear – Consuming Rite (feat. Allysen Callery) 09:04
06. Allysen Callery – Rat 03:08

Allysen Callery:
Recorded at Black Hole Sound Studio, Attleboro, USA, produced by Myles Baer
Electric guitar on “Witch’s Hand” & “I’m Not Scared of the Dark” by Myles Baer

Mother Bear:
Jonas Wenz
/ Guitar & Vocals
Kevin Krenczer / Bass
Florian Grass / Drums
Recorded and produced by Florian Grass

Mother Bear |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Allysen Callery |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

Gruselthon |Bandcamp|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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