[News] Guerssen Records to release the remaster of “On A Day Of Crystalline Thought” by Pete Fine

Beyond rare private press album from 1974, a fantastic mix of Progressive Rock with Acid-Folk, Spaced-out Psychedelia and cool conceptual/Soundtrack vibe.

Pete Fine is a virtuoso acoustic and electric guitarist and also a self-taught composer and orchestrator. After playing with Psychedelic Hard Rock trio FLOW in the early 70s in New York, Pete, influenced by classical composers like Anton Bruckner, started to focus on his 12-string guitar, composing music in a symphonic style.

On A Day Of Crystaline Thought” was his first solo album, self-released in 1974 as a private, home-made edition of 100 copies, now impossible to find.
It was recorded using Classical / Rock musicians plus a chamber Orchestra from Harlem. It features 12-string guitars, electric guitars, timpani, string sections, French horns, flute, piano, organ, drums with early digital delays, female vocal harmonies.

* Remastered Sound
* Insert with liner notes & photos
* Download card

File Under: Prog Rock, Psych, Symphonic Rock, Acid Folk…

Stream the track “Meditations” through the YouTube player below:

Stream the track “Bijinkies” through the YouTube player below:

Pre-Order the LP here: https://guerssen.com/product/on-a-day-of-crystalline-thought

Side 1:
1. Revelation – Prelude – For Sam – 2. Meditations – 3. Looking Ahead – 4. Sunrise
Side 2: 1. Life – 2. Moo – 3. Bijinkies – 4. Rita

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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