[News] Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate launch the pre-release of their 7th album “The Light Of Ancient Mistakes”

Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate launch the pre-release of their 7th album “The Light Of Ancient Mistakes.”

Although not a traditional concept album, many of the songs have been inspired by books.

Stream the official album preview through the YouTube player below:

The centrepiece of the album is “Walking To Aldebaran,” inspired by the science fiction novella of the same name by Adrian Tchaikovsky. The tracks “Avrana Kern Is Made Of Ants,” “The Requisitioner and the Wonder” and “Gothi and Gethli” are references to a character, two spaceships and a pair of crow-like creatures which insistently deny they are sentient in Adrian Tchaikovsky’s “Children of Time” series.

Science fiction author Iain M Banks’ novel “Look To Windward” is the inspiration of the title track. The track “The Man Who Japed” is named after the Philip K Dick novel.

The childhood experiences of David Cornwell, who wrote as John le Carré are the inspiration behind “Sixteen Hugless Years.”

The Glamour Boys” was inspired by Labour MP Chris Byrant’s book of the same name about the experiences of a group of mostly homosexual or bisexual Conservative MPs who argued against appeasement, despite the threats from Chamberlain’s government to expose their secrets. Many went on to risk, and in some cases lose their lives in the Second World War.

The album also features “The Anxiety Machine,” a three part instrumental interspersed within the album, “Goodbye Cassini,” a flute led tribute to the space probe, and “imtiredandeverythinghurts,” which is about Malcolm’s experiences with invisible disability due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and difficulty knowing how to respond to the well-intentioned routine question ‘how are you’?

The album ends with the climate change inspired “Burn The World.”

The album is available to pre-order on Bandcamp and will be released in September 2023.

Those who pre-order the album will get immediate access to title track, and the instrumental “Avrana Kern Is Made Of Ants.” The first 40 people to order in June will also have the option of having their name in the album credits as pre-order supporters.

Pre-Order the album on Bandcamp: https://hatsoffgentlemen.bandcamp.com/track/the-light-of-ancient-mistakes

We are also looking forward to playing tracks from the new album in our forthcoming 2023 concerts

Friday 16 June – The Northcourt, Abingdon. Malcolm solo set. https://fb.me/e/1fGmN6PWW

Thursday 6 July – The Fiddler’s Elbow, Camden. Science fiction music night with the Yuval Ron Trio from Germany and Splink. https://fb.me/e/2jOaS88jO

Saturday 5 August – The Prince Albert, Brighton with The Emerald Dawn. https://fb.me/e/YKcwx4d0

Sunday 24 September – The Camden Club, album launch. Please note this is an early afternoon event. https://www.wegottickets.com/event/585031

Sunday 3 December – Prog The Forest, The Fiddler’s Elbow, Camden. With The Blackheart Orchestra, This Winter Machine, Ebony Buckle, Ebb and Guranfoe. https://fb.me/e/3yitpovAv

The 24 September launch gig is in an intimate venue, and we’ve put aside some early-bird discounted tickets on the wegottickets link before the other tickets go on general release. If you fancy coming to that, early booking is strongly recommended. We’ll be celebrating our combined (Malcolm and Mark) centenary, the belated 10th anniversary of our first album, and launching our new album. We will be doing an extended set, including songs from each of our seven albums.

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