[News] Heavy Psychedelic discovery Screaming Bones presents the official visualizer for “Leave Me Alone”

Screaming Bones has released a visualizer video for the track “Leave Me Alone” off the reissued album “And It’ll All Be Good.”
The album, released via Wormholedeath, takes the listener on a journey through a surreal soundscape of hypnotic tones and heavy guitar riffs.

Watch the “Leave Me Alone” visualizer video through the YouTube player below:

And It’ll All Be Good” is a hidden gem of an album, with each listens revealing new layers of beauty within the chaos. The reissue of the album via Wormholedeath brings the music to a wider audience, showcasing Screaming Bones‘ unique blend of Heavy Psychedelic soundscapes.

The project’s Bandcamp and official website provide access to Screaming Bones‘ extensive discography and showcase the visual art and music videos that accompany the music.



1 – Ghost Ride
2 – Dragonfly
3 – Raindrops
4 – A Space Opera, Pt.1
5 – Early Morning Brain Chaos
6 – Leave Me Alone
7 – Hive Song
8 – A Psychedelic Tune for Your Afternoon Tea
9 – A Space Opera, Pt.2
10 – Sleep Well, My Friend, Sweet Dreams

Screaming Bones (Mike Ludwig) |Bandcamp|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

Wormholedeath Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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