[News] Hei’An announce EP “Live at EastWest Studios” and reveal video for “Can’t Get Out Of My Skin”

A young, fresh touch to progressive metal from the heart of Slovenia: Hei’An sets the mood for sensitive Post-Rock, mixed with strong Metal elements. Following the lead of the band’s mastermind Matic Blagonič, Hei’An released their dreamy album imago in November 2022. This philosophical full-length revolves around traumas, inner hell and toxic states of mind. As turbulent as these sad stories are, the melodies also maneuver the listener towards dark and deep worlds.

On top of performing successfully at 2023’s 70000Tons Of Metal Cruise in the Caribbean, recent Metaldays and looking forward to this year’s ProgPower, Hei’An continue to move their musical genius forward: The Slovenians stopped by in the halls of legends, the renowned EastWest Studios in Hollywood. The recording facility has produced some of the most celebrated music of the last fifty years, ranging from Frank Sinatra to The Rolling Stones. Hei’An’s adventure in LA gave birth to four smashing tracks with magnificent orchestral sounds – and the aural outcome is the EP “Live at EastWest Studios” (release: October 6).

can’t get out of my skin (Live at EastWest Studios)” was the first of the four songs to be recorded at EastWest Studio 2 and is now released along with a session video as a first foretaste of the EP. The track consists of emotional changes between soft and distorted vocals, a huge impressive chorus and progressive rhythmic sections, all backed up by a playful string quartet and the band’s new background screaming voice: longtime touring member Aljaž Novak, whom the band just recently announced as a full-time Hei’An band member. From the beginning on, this song captures the audience with shimmering synths and soft spoken words, to resolve into a blend of an epic movie score and Progressive Metal breakdowns.
All of this builds up to a sonic encounter, moving the band’s music into a new direction. The whole musical odyssey is now available on all relevant streaming platforms; the video is now out on YouTube:

Hei’AnLive at EastWest Studios” will be released on October 6, 2023 and is now ready for pre-order via: https://orcd.co/liveateastweststudios

Pre-Save the LP here: https://ffm.to/cantgetouteastwest


  1. can’t get out of my skin (Live at EastWest Studios)
  2. embers (Live at EastWest Studios)
  3. dreamer (Live at EastWest Studios)
  4. noises (Live at EastWest Studios)

About Hei’An:

Originally a one-man project by Slovenian musician Matic Blagonič, Hei’An has evolved into a veritable collective of keen artists striving to bring Slovenian metal into our heads and hearts – successfully so! The band, who likes to think of their output as Post-Progressive-Metal, impressively manages to balance out both Heavy sounds and tender emotions blossoming across a field of arcane Post-Metal-esque landscapes.

Hei’An is blending elements from a variety of different genres and subgenres in their music, including Progressive Metal-esque beats and rhythms, Post-Metal-esque chord progressions and ambiental parts, Black Metal-esque tremolos and blast beats, Metalcore-esque choruses and riffs etc., while creating and cultivating their own unique sonic direction, packed with both intimacy and huge-sounding segments, putting the emotional value and impact of their music above all else. The name Hei’An is a pseudonym for their frontman, bandleader and songwriter Matic Blagonič, while also representing the band as a whole, which is formed by Matevž Počič (guitar), Peter Smrdel (bass), Aljaž Novak (backing vocals) and Gaj Bostič (drums).

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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