[News] Hellfire 76 released self-titled debut EP and unveil the video for “Wicked Mystic”

American Southern/Stoner Rock band Hellfire 76 released their eponymous debut EP on May 3rd! Taste their sound with the video dedicated to the song “Wicked Mystic” through the YouTube player below:

Decibel Peak // Prophet Vibrations ...

Hellfire 76 use the masks of voodoo, witchcraft, the occult and tarot cards to tell us stories of how Evil has taken over our world, ruled by liars, impostors and careerists. People are flooded with a river of lies, perpetrated by governments and the Church, which obscure our view of the Truth.

Drink the concoction prepared by the band, a cocktail of blood riffs, genuine rhythms and distorted vocals that you can find in the dirtiest pubs in New Orleans! Fans of Kyuss, ZZ Top, Killing Joke, The Melvins and Clutch will be thrilled!

Purchase the EP on Bandcamp: https://hellfire76.bandcamp.com/releases


1. Lillith 03:30
2. Iron Fist 03:04
3. Venom 04:22
4. The Devil You Know 04:29
5. Wicked Mystic 02:44
6. Voodoo Mama 05:06

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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