[News] Hills Like White Lions present the official video for “Meander, Pt. IV: Black Tide”

Prepare to be captivated as Hills Like White Lions unveil their latest visual, the official video for “Meander, Pt. IV: Black Tide,” expertly crafted by Philipp Pils. The video complements the Progressive/Post-Metal band’s ambitious ongoing saga, “Meander,” a journey that delves deep into the fabric of reality to reveal profound truths.

Watch the official video through the YouTube player below:

The Austrian trio’s music ebbs and flows like a cosmic river, gracefully navigating the spaces between melancholy and euphoria. Their upcoming concept album “Meander‘ explores profound themes of truth, love, and selfishness, inviting the listener on a roller-coaster of emotions. This immersive auditory experience is the band’s unique take on the Progressive and Post-Metal genre, blending intricate sonic landscapes with daring experimental elements.

The band, comprised of Florian Wagner on vocals and guitar, Alexander Augustin on bass, and Hannes Lettner on drums, have shown significant growth since their self-titled debut album in May 2020. Their musical journey continues with “Meander,” set for release on June 02, 2023.

Meander, Pt. IV: Black Tide” is a tour-de-force, marking the continuation of an epic exploration into the very essence of reality. This is a sonic journey you won’t want to miss.

For further information about Hills Like White Lions, check out their Linktree: https://linktr.ee/hillslikewhitelions

About Hills Like White Lions:

Hills Like White Lions are an Austrian Progressive/Post-Metal band. Known for their intricate and immersive compositions, they have established a unique place in the scene. Following their self-titled debut in 2020, they are about to release their sophomore album “Meander” in June 2023, taking listeners on a captivating exploration of reality and emotion.

Pre-Order the album on Bandcamp: https://hlwl.bandcamp.com/album/meander


01-Meander, Pt. I: Coral
02-Meander, Pt. II: Maelstrom
03-Meander, Pt. III: Acedia
04-Meander, Pt. IV: Black Tide
05-Meander, Pt. V: Cataract
06-Meander, Pt. VI: Nihil
07-Meander, Pt. VII: Mondgrau


Florian Wagner / Vox, Guitar
Alexander Augustin / Bass
Hannes Lettner / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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