[News] Hills Like White Lions unleash new single “Meander, Pt. III: Acedia” ahead of upcoming album release

Progressive/Post-Metal trio, Hills Like White Lions, push the boundaries of the genre with their new single “Meander, Pt. III: Acedia,” out now across all digital platforms. This release teases their highly anticipated sophomore album “Meander,” set to launch on June 02, 2023.

Blending intricate sonic landscapes with profound emotional themes, Hills Like White Lions, consisting of Florian Wagner (vocals and guitar), Alexander Augustin (bass), and Hannes Lettner (drums), continues to challenge reality and uncover the hidden truths of our existence. “Meander, Pt. III: Acedia” is a testament to the band’s fearless experimentation and their commitment to transcending conventional genre limitations.

Meander” is a mesmerizing journey through the depths of human emotion, exploring themes of truth, love, and selfishness. The album is a bold blend of melancholic and euphoric elements, creating an immersive experience that invites listeners to confront their innermost feelings.

Building on the success of their self-titled debut album released in May 2020, Hills Like White Lions has crafted a follow-up that showcases their growth and evolution as artists. The album will include the singles “Meander, Pt. III: Acedia” and “Meander, Pt. IV: Black Tide,” the latter set to release on May 26, 2023 with an accompanying professional video.

Fans and newcomers alike are encouraged to embark on this captivating musical odyssey. Experience the immersive world of Hills Like White Lions and watch as they redefine the Progressive/Post-Metal genre with their daring blend of one-track and concept album elements.

Stream the track through the YouTube player below: 

Stream on all digital platforms: here

Purchase the track on Bandcamp: https://hlwl.bandcamp.com/track/meander-pt-iii-acedia


01-Meander, Pt. I: Coral
02-Meander, Pt. II: Maelstrom
03-Meander, Pt. III: Acedia
04-Meander, Pt. IV: Black Tide
05-Meander, Pt. V: Cataract
06-Meander, Pt. VI: Nihil
07-Meander, Pt. VII: Mondgrau


Florian Wagner / Vox, Guitar
Alexander Augustin / Bass
Hannes Lettner / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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