[News] Hot Breath released the new digital stand-alone single “Keep on Calling”

Hot Breath are back with another direct hit! The band released their last album 1 year ago. On April 28, 2023 the band released of their new stand-alone digital single “Keep on Calling.” Stream the track through the Spotify player below:

Hot Breath have released their self titled debut and the “Rubbery Lips” album. This summer they will play Sweden Rock and we have seen them all over Sweden. They have toured Europe together with Hällas and are without a doubt one of the most exciting bands around. Their new digital single “Keep on Calling” will keep us streaming. But make sure to collect the albums before it’s to late. The very last copys of the first presses are still available and both albums have been repressed!

Live Dates:
23.04.13 (SE) Stockholm – Hus 7 (w/ The Datsuns)
23.04.14 (SE) Malmö – Medley (w/ The Datsuns)
23.05.26 (SE) Falköping – O’Learys
23.05.27 (SE) Linköping – Platens Bar
23.06.09 (SE) Sölvesborg – SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL
23.08.12 (DE) Wagersrott – Enzo Festival

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://hotbreathofficial.bandcamp.com/track/keep-on-calling

This hard-beating four-piece from Gothenburg brings a colorful and refreshing new twist to the Scandinavian garage rock scene. With a rush of adrenaline and pure lust, Hot Breath is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Infused with a pounding heart for that raw 60 ́s Detroit energy and veins in gritty streets of late 70’s London – Hot Breath is a shimmer blast live act that runs face-first through your bedroom door. Wake up punk, it’s time to shine!

Hot Breath’s debut album ”Rubbery Lips” (The Sign Records, 2021) marked the beginning of the band’s sweaty joyride, with tours and support shows all over Europe. On this record they teamed up with producer Mattias Nyberg (The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, The Datsuns). This resulted in a vigorous 10-track debut with powerful vocals and thrilling garage rock riffs – like an intense and dirty kiss at the after party that never ends.

The group was formed in 2018 by ex-members from Honeymoon Disease and Hypnos. With a common ground of heavy rock, Hot Breath mixed their various pasts into one vibrating sound. This quickly became the self-titled EP ”Hot Breath” (The Sign Records, 2019).

Between a busy post-pandemic tour schedule, the band have released a bunch of live sessions, music videos and in April 2022 – the single “Feeling ’Bout This”.

Hot Breath’s new single “Keep On Calling” was released on April 28th, 2023. This fierce power tune, accompanied by a music video, elevated the band’s creative and intense gaze to the big stages.

Jennifer Israelsson
/ Vocals and Guitar
Anton Frick Kallmin / Bass
Jimmy Karlsson / Drums
Karl Edfeldt / Guitar

Hot Breath |Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

The Sign Records |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

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