[News] Humulus announces the upcoming album “Flowers of Death” with the new lineup

Bergamo, Italy Psych-Stoner power trio Humulus announces the upcoming album “Flowers of Death” with the new lineup for September 01, 2023 via Kozmik Artifactz (LP-300 copies) Taxi Driver (CD-300 copies).

Promtly after a lineup change Humulus immediately started to work hard on material for a new album, which took from November 2022 until April 2023. The result is a brand new heavy psychedelic stoner rock 7-tracker called “Flowers Of Death.” You can hear a well-dosed mixture of classic Humulus and a fresh breeze added by a new band member. Humulus once again is the Hard Rocking unit that their fans love. Stonger than ever and ready to Rock the stages to play their new tunes live as a tour is in the making for October and November 2023.

Also it should be mentioned that Stephan Koglek from Colour Haze assisted the band during the composing phase and even contributed an additional guitar part on the song “Seventh Sun.”

Says Massimiliano Boventi: “I think that the most important thing for a band like us who recently had a lineup change, is to start immediately to work hard on new material…and it’s exactly what we did from november until april 2023. The result is an LP that reflects what Humulus are in this moment: you can feel in the songs the ‘classical’ Humulus style that is more connected to the rhythmical part of the band, the oldest part 🙂 , and the fresh air given by the new member. But the most important thing for us is that these parts are well connected and we feel us again as a band, musically speaking but also as friends.

It was also a pleasure and a great honour to be helped by Stefan Koglek from Colour Haze who gave us precious tips about what to do in the songs without changing our band sound. We never did this before with other artists for previous records and was really a different and very stimulating thing to do for composing part of the LP. And he played an additional guitar part on the song called “Seventh Sun”.

So we are really excited about this release, and also some gigs for October and November are coming.

All the songs are written and played by Humulus (Thomas Mascheroni – Guitar and Voice, Massimiliano Boventi – Drum, Giorgio Bonacorsi – Bass).

This LP was recorded in April 2023 at IndieBox Music Hall Studio (Brescia) by Giovanni Bottoglia.


– limited to 300 copies only
– all copies on solid purple + black splatter vinyl
– single sleeve with 3mm spine
– plated & pressed on heavy high performance vinyl by Pallas Group in Germany
– special vinyl mastering

Pre-Order the album here: http://shop.bilocationrecords.com/

Thomas Mascheroni / Guitar and Voice
Massimiliano Boventi – Drums
Giorgio Bonacorsi / Bass

Stefan Koglek / Additional Guitar on “Seventh Sun

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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