[News] I Am The Manic Whale unveil the official vidoe for “Ernő’s Magic Cube” from upcoming album

UK Progressive Rock band I Am The Manic Whale unveil the official vidoe for “Ernő’s Magic Cube” from upcoming album “Bumper Book Of Mystery Stories” due out on July 1, 2023 (digital), July 7, 2023 (CD). Watch the video through the Youtube player below:

The idea for this album came from a dusty old book, the Boys’ Life Book of Mystery Stories (Boys’ Life Library, 1963) discovered by Michael in a creepy second hand bookshop in 1993. Although somewhat dated in its worldview, the stories within and the accompanying images nevertheless conjured up an atmosphere at once both exciting and disturbing, but also with a thick dose of nostalgia, especially when revisited thirty years on. Whilst we have not adapted any of the stories from the book directly into song, we have drawn inspiration for each piece of music from various mysterious stories and circumstances, some from real life, some pure invention, some based on folklore, some based on other works of fiction. Will you join us on this tour through these terrifying tall tales? Climb aboard the Ghost Train… if you dare, hold tight and let us take you on an extraordinary journey through several chilling, unearthly, ghostly worlds of mystery, wonderment, excitement and adventure!

Pre-Order the album on Bandcamp: https://iamthemanicwhale.bandcamp.com/album/bumper-book-of-mystery-stories


  1. Ghost Train (part 1)
  2. Patient AB
  3. Dream Fortune
  4. Secret Passage
  5. The Incredible David
  6. Nautilus
  7. Ernő’s Magic Cube
  8. We Interrupt This Broadcast…


Ben Hartley
John Murphy
David Addis
Michael Whiteman
Sally Minear
Ryo Okumoto
Ella Lloyd
Simon Whiteman

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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