[News] Incursed reveal detail of new upcoming album

The Spanish Pagan/Folk Metallers Incursed have announced a delay in the publication of the new album “Baskavigin,” due to the problems due to Covid-19.

Incursed statement: “We’ve been in silence for a while. We needed time to rest after the frenetic activity we had since 2019. Baskavígin has been our most demanding album and we are very proud of our work.Unfortunately because of the problems and delays we accumulated during the recording, production and design process that the Covid-19’s pandemic provoked, today we are in an uncomfortable situation: Baskavígin is not 100% ready for it’s release. Because of this we feel ourselves forced to delay Baskavígin until early 2021.These are terrible news but don’t be afraid. We are working again and planning even a better release than the very first. We are coming for the next month with new material and we think you are going to enjoy it.

The cover artwork for BASKAVÍGIN is designed by Warbanner.eu, inspired in the Basque whale hunters that went to Iceland in the 17th century.


  1. 1615 [intro]
  2. Baskavígin
  3. Who Stole My Beer?
  4. The Black Hunter
  5. Colossal
  6. Eusko Troll Label
  7. Into the Curse
  8. Patxi Porroi
  9. Paganauts
  10. Souls on Fire
  11. Saltus eta Ager
  12. Pt. I: Saltvs Vasconvm
  13. Pt. II: Ager Vasconvm

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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