[News] Italian Heavy Doom band Doombo published their self-titled debut EP in full on YouTube

Trieste, Italy based new Heavy Doom sensation Doombo published their self-titled debut EP in full on Psychorecords official YouTube channel. The EP was released on June 16, 2023. Stream the whole EP through the player below:

Doombo self-titled EP is the first studio production of the band, tracked and recorded at the drummer’s home studio and mixed by sound engineer Alessandro Perosa.

Formed in 2022 the band’s lineup of drummer Ivan Kralj, bass player Ivan Rongione and guistarist/singer Pablo Scarpa felt the need to write its own material right from the start. They discovered they had a mutual appreciation of stoner doom music in particular, as reflected in the 4 songs of this EP, featuring influences from bands like Sleep, Black Sabbath, Boris, Mastodon, Melvins and The Sword.

The setlist presents titles such as “Kebab Pt.2,” “Multidimensional Invasion,” “Funk Lung” and “From Hell.” The whole EP was recorded on tape, which contributes to give the record a vintage vibe. Low-tuned Fuzzy riffs, roaring bass tones and the powerful drum playing makes Doombo a mixture of influences ranging from classic rock to doom metal.

Doombo is a Stoner Doom band from Trieste, Italy. Driven by the need to play some Heavy music and mighty riffs, the project started in 2022 as drummer Ivan Kralj and guitarist/singer Pablo Scarpa started jamming together and considered involving in a stoner doom project. The trio was complete as the bass player Ivan Rongione joined the lineup, bringing huge bass tones and a ton of tasty riffs.

Their first self-titled EP will be out in June 2023 supported by Rocket Panda Management.

On July 15, 2023 they’ll be playing their first gig opening at StonerKras Festival alongside Nick Olivieri’s Mondo Generator, 1000mods, Margarita Witch Cult and many more.

Purchase the EP on Bandcamp: https://doombo.bandcamp.com/album/doombo

01. Kebab (Pt. II)
02. Multidimensional Invasion
03. Funk Lung
04. From Hell

Pablo Scarpa
/ Guitars & Vocals
Ivan Rongione / Bass
Ivan Kralj / Drums

Doombo |Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Spotify|

Psychorecords |YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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