[News] Italian Symponic Prog band Spectrvm to release the album “Teschio Del Mondo”

After a musical career spanning more than four decades, supported by numerous live performances, the Italian band Spectrvm (Como, Italy) has finally realised a coveted dream by releasing the “Teschio Del Mondo” recording project. A concept album of Symphonic Progressive Rock between Spirituality, Ecology and Environment.

A musical album whose tracks are centred on a single theme, they develop an overall story dedicated to our Earth.

Teschio Del Mondo” is not only a return to the band’s roots, but also an artistic declaration of love that spans time, taking Symphonic Prog to new creative heights.

The album is an extraordinary journey through music and art, uniting past and present in one exciting experience.

The album, presented on CD in the Jewel Box, preserves the performance style, instrumentation and sounds typical of the Symphonic Prog genre, exploring themes of the period such as Spirituality and the Environment that are still surprisingly relevant today.

The disc contains a mini-booklet presenting all the lyrics of the 8 compositions together with paraphrases explaining the meaning of each track. The booklet also includes photos of the band and various references, offering a complete experience for music and art fans.

The album cover shows the Earth as seen from the Moon, enveloped in an endless psychedelic flow that repeats like an eternal loop. Inside the globe is a skull, an image that might seem gloomy but actually conveys a positive message. The album reflects this duality, incorporating images that float in an engaging flow, representing the artistic musical concept of the entire work.

The CD label echoes the cover image, but with the skull appearing more fluid, almost dissolving into the flow to merge into the sonic dimension of the album itself.

Spectrvm‘s “Teschio Del Mondo” album is an extraordinary journey through music and art, uniting past and present in one exciting experience.

Teschio Del Mondo” is available in physical format and digital stores from 10 November and released by the label Terzo Millennio Records.

Sectrvm: The band’s history began in 1974, when they formed as “Stratus,” with founding members Frank Lazzari (organ-keyboard-vocals), brothers Jordan Bozzolan (drums-percussion-vocals) and Daniele Bozzolan (bass-guitars-piano-vocals), together with Renato Olivo (guitars-vocals) and later Alberto Zanella (keyboards-piano-vocals).

In the 1970s, Stratus became the leading group in the dance halls of northern Italy, performing at shows and musical events and recording numerous hits with artists such as Sandro Belsi and Rudy Polito. In 1979, due to disagreements with production, the project for the album “Teschio Del Mondo” was shelved, but the band continued to perform until 1982, when they disbanded.

In 2020, after a four-decade hiatus, Stratus decided to resume the “Teschio Del Mondo” project, with the inclusion of new guitarist Marco Brega. The band changed its name to Spectrvm, keeping alive the tradition of Latin with the classic V used to spell the U.

Pre-Save the album here: https://frontl.ink/5m0ajle

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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