[News] Jättedam published the official video for the first single “Het Temp” taken from upcoming album

Onda Blommor” is the third album by Swedish Rock band Jättedam. Inspired by a wide variety of musical styles ranging from Psychedelic Pop, Krautrock, Punk, Soul and New Wave and mixing it with a unique touch of Swedish vocals, the band stands out from most contemporary acts. For anyone familiar with the Swedish Progg movement of the ’60s/’70s, this album will feel both familiar and completely new. The songs have a distinctive feeling where jam session- like soundscapes are balanced with exquisitely well-written melodies. Like a mixture of Slowgold and Dina ögon in the soundscape and with a vocal tone that in some parts of the songs reminds of Markus Krunegård. The music brings back the summer evenings and lazy days vibe. With a dreamy undertone in the sound but a story that is more serious. All songs are recorded on tape, adding even more character to the sound. Jättedam is an unfiltered expression of whatever absurd fantasies, fantastic pretensions, soul-heavy burdens, clear insights, insatiable curiosities may come their way. Join the band and explore ”Onda Blommor.”

The band tells the story behind the record:
In the middle of recording Jättedam’s third album, Joar Sylvan contacted us and told us that he had just started a small record company down in Malmö called Kapish Records. He was interested in doing something with us so we went down to Malmö for a meeting. We came to the conclusion that the third record would be released on his label and that we would record another one in the Studio (Tambourine) where he works as a studio technician. At this point we were already tired of working on our record so we decided to scrap everything and move on instead. We have often had time to play our songs quite a lot before they are recorded and for this record we thought that they should feel a little fresher and that the sound should be a little clearer and to reduce the song length of all the songs. So we put together 8 new songs, played them live just once and then straight into the studio. Onda blommor is our first real studio album. All songs are recorded on tape, which has given a different nuance to the sound. Everything was recorded on 3 occasions between November 2021 and February 2022. There were sessions that stretched well into the wee hours, then we slept on the floor, woke up to Joar coming in with coffee, continued recording. It was good for us to get away from Gothenburg for a while and stay focused on just making music and recording.

We had tried during 2020-2021 to complete an album that we played live, but since we recorded it in our rehearsal room, it became difficult to say “Now it’s finished” because we could always do a new version tomorrow. So it was just a new version of the album every month. It didn’t quite work for us. Jättedam is a bit of a dysfunctional family, and always has been. It always becomes chaotic in one way or another when we do things together, but something also grows out of it that feels peculiar. The songs are like flowers that confirm that the ground is fertile, and that we agree with each other. I think that’s what the name of the album means but I might change my mind again soon. The lyrics I assume come from the loose life as a musician or what you should call what I am. It has many peaks and valleys. You change residences, party a lot, change jobs from time to time, party more, play, write, change jobs again, play, write and that’s it.. but I like the fast pace. I think there is a lot to do with the Swedish language, there is a lot to do that makes the music feel interesting.

We play a rather trippy kind of rock music so there is a lot of room for expressing a broad range of lyrical styles. I try to write personal, but not TOO personal. For me, the kick of the total omission is greater than what is necessary for the world the listener is in when listening to our music. It should, as it were, lift you a little above the everyday state of mind.

Watch the official video for the track “Het Temp” through the YouTube player below:

Onda Blommor” is released by Gaphals on vinyl and all streaming platforms on the first of September, 2023.


01. Het temp 4:20
02. Onda blommor 5:15
03. Bättre inget 3:28
04. Louie sade 4:51
05. Hallå 3:08
06. Likkistan 3:42
07. Prognos 3:25
08. Aprikos 4:15

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