[News] Jazzy Prog Rockers Bend The Future new album “Sounds So Wrong” out today on Tonzonen Records

The Grenoble quintet’s spectacular new album “Sounds So Wrong” is all about stylish surprises, elegant harmonies shaped by variety, and passion. Out today on Tonzonen Records.

What Bend The Future offers is not a Jazz Rock album that transcends the genre, but an unforgettable adventure that expands over thousands of kilometers.

Stream the whole album through the Youtube playewr below:

Formed in Grenoble, France almost exactly four years ago, Bend The Future hits hard once again with their third studio album “Sounds So Wrong.” Emerging from the fusion of Progressive Rock and Contemporary Jazz with Eastern European influences, the band had already established their sound with their first two records, particularly with their sophomore album “Without Notice” released via Tonzonen Records. Utterly distinct from every other band on the label in terms of sound, the band continues to showcase their fearless and ingenious approach in the new album, “Sounds So Wrong.” Evolving anew, Bend The Future builds up on their sound, stoically moves forward along their distinctive path, and boggles minds in the process.

Watch the official video for the track “Jemlematür” through the YouTube player below:

The French band adds featuring string quartet sections and jazz vocals to their arsenal, coloring their soundscape with a shimmering touch. Tracks such as “Somewhere Beneath,” “Fall Apart,” and “Jemlematür” display the brave new direction the band is headed, while tunes such as “Desert Eagle” and “Vast” bridge the earlier work of the band with the new album. In terms of the track listing, the two sides of the LP have a similar approach to one of the band’s many influences: Opeth’s Deliverance and Damnation. Side A of Sounds So Wrong is pretty heavy and dark, including screaming vocals, while the second part portrays landscapes of Anatolian, French, and Portuguese lands.

Just like the band’s previous album “Without Notice,” the new album was recorded in Octavox Studio in Grenoble and mixed by Matthieu Budin and Can Yıldırım (band’s guitars and vocals). The mastering was clinically performed by the Eroc, and the artworks were designed by Egemen Kırkağaç, the band’s long-time designer.

Order “Sounds So Wrong” here: https://www.tonzonen.de/btf-ssw/


1. Desert Eagle
2. Jemlematür
3. Fall Apart
4. Somewhere Beneath
5. Vast
6. Miniature II
7. Those Small Things
8. Not Even
9. Now is the Moment

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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