[News] Jeff Pennachio paints a vivid soundscape with “Interposition” off upcoming debut EP

New York’s Jeff Pennachio (guitarist for Design The Void) is releasing a three-track EP “Setting The Stage” slated for release on January 22, 2021.

The instrumental compilation shows off Pennachio’s musical mastery as he takes on the responsibility of guitars, bass, drums, and orchestral programming. These songs were composed during his time in a cover group The Stay when he decided to pursue an original songwriting direction. Armed with new ideas, he ran with them and formed the EP, which he intends to follow up with more music that is almost inspirational from soundtracks.  

The lead single from this collection is “Interposition”, which is a harmonious, Progressive track that shows off the depth of Pennachio’s talent. According to him, it all started off with a small riff that came to him while working with another band and grew to be his favorite track on the EP.

He explains in further detail: “This piece was developed from a random keyboard riff that was partially inspired by an introduction of another song from the group Quantum (which, at the time, was our keyboardist’s main band). I believe this sound really brands what I was after from a compositional standpoint.”

Some listeners say the main theme of this song is a reminder of Christmas music in particular, but it is deep enough that there are sure to be many other comparisons. With the complexity and passion put into the track, it’s easy to see why it was picked as the single from the EP.

Jeff Pennachio is recommended for anyone who enjoys a complex and vivid listening experience especially fans of Plini, Dream Theatre, and Trans Siberian Orchestra.

The single “Interposition” can be heard via its stream on YouTube player below:

“Setting The Stage” is out on all digital platforms on January 22, 2021.

1.Wilson Theater (5:29)
2.Interposition (3:34)
3.The Voyager (4:27)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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