[News] John Lodge’s new album “Days of Future Passed – My Sojourn” autographed copies available

John‘s version of the iconic album “Days of Future Passed,” entitled “Days of Future Passed – My Sojourn,” is available at John‘s live concerts and on his official webstore.

The album was recorded over the last year, and has grown from John’s current live show as he, and his 10,000 Light Years Band, lovingly recreate this classic album. The album also features a special recording by the late Graeme Edge and performances by Jon Davison of YES. It is being released as part of John’s celebration of the album ‘that changed his life,’ and with the hope that it will continue to introduce fans to the original iconic recording. The album’s orchestration is by John’s long-term collaborator, and great friend, Alan Hewitt.

November 2023 will be the 56th anniversary of ‘Days of Future Passed’. It’s incredible to look back on this album that changed my life, and that still has so much impact today on so many, and I felt that it deserved celebrating, and so I began rehearsals in 2021/2022 to bring this celebration to life on stage. What was important to me was to make this concert another milestone in the history of ‘Days of Future Passed’, and so I asked Graeme if he would record his poetry, ‘Morning Glory’ and ‘Late Lament’, to include in my concert. Graeme gave me his blessing and said, ‘John, Keep the Moody Blues music alive’. We had a fantastic time putting the show together, with Alan, Duffy, Billy and Jason, and Jon Davison, giving me so much support and helping bring my vision to life. After the final rehearsals for the concert, I realised I should capture this new moment in time, although a reflection of the past, forever, by going into the studio and recording the album, ‘Days of Future Passed – My Sojourn’. I am hoping that this will bring a new generation of listeners to the album, that they then may rediscover the original recording, and the beautiful vocals of Mike Pinder, Justin Hayward, Ray Thomas and myself. I dedicate this album to Graeme, Justin, Mike and Ray, to Tony Clarke, and to all the fans that are with me on this sojourn, no matter when you joined…John Lodge July 2023

The CD in Digipak will be available starting July 18th at John’s first show in Rockford, IL, and a vinyl album is due to follow in the Fall. The album is available now to stream and download. The cover features a poignant photograph of John and his wife, Kirsten, taken by his daughter-in-law, Inga Wilson, for John, this was an image that perfectly encapsulated the idea of past and future and what this album means to him.

Go here to stream and download: https://slinky.to/DaysOfFuturePassed

Pre-Order here: https://shop.johnlodge.com/products/days-of-future-passed-my-sojourn

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