[News] Jonsjooel pays tribute to his beloved grandmother with emotive instrumental single “Grandmother”

Finnish artist and composer Jonsjooel releases a heartfelt instrumental single titled “Grandmother,” dedicated to his late grandmother who played an instrumental role in both his musical and personal life. The song beautifully captures the essence of their bond and serves as a touching tribute to her memory.

“Grandmother” is an emotional whirlpool, intricately crafted by Jonsjooel himself. As he reminisces about his grandmother’s unwavering support, Jonsjooel masterfully weaves together a tapestry of sound, creating a melodic journey that reflects the depth of their connection. The song is a testament to Jonsjooel‘s musical versatility and his ability to evoke powerful emotions through his compositions.

Following the passing of his grandmother, Jonsjooel found solace in channeling his emotions into this captivating instrumental piece. “Grandmother” became a labor of love, completed as a poignant tribute on the same day she departed. The song is infused with the memories, emotions, and the spirit of his beloved grandmother, creating a poignant and heartfelt musical experience.

Grandmother” showcases Jonsjooel‘s talent as a multi-instrumentalist, with all instruments expertly performed by him. The track was mixed by the accomplished Totte Rautiainen and mastered by the renowned Andreas Lupo Lubich.

Grandmother” stands as a testament to the profound influence our loved ones can have on our lives and the enduring power of music as a means of expression and remembrance. It serves as a reminder of the importance of cherishing our cherished memories and the impact they have on shaping who we are.

Stay tuned for the release of “Grandmother” and other captivating singles leading up to Jonsjooel‘s debut solo album, “Lullabies for Younger Self,” set to be released on September 22, 2023.

Also fresh off his recent collaboration, Jonsjooel was featured on the esteemed 7K compilation, ‘Ambient Layers Vol. II,‘ as part of 7K!’s Layers series.

Stream “Grandmother” here: https://jonsjooel.lnk.to/grandmother

Jonsjoole says about “Grandmother“:

This song is for my grandmother. She was a huge support for my musical life as well life in general. The same day she passed away I finished this song and I feel like there is something that is part of her in this song. It’s an emotional whirlpool and a gentle storm following the calm.

Jonsjooel‘s diverse background in music has led to a unique and captivating soundscape. With roots in Jazz drumming, Jonsjooel‘s music is an Experimental blend of various genres and influences. As the front man of Lake Jons and as a composer and producer for other artists, Jonsjooel has established himself as a versatile and original musician.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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