[News] Journey’s End Records published the official full album stream for Spiritual Void “Wayfare”

German traditional Doom Metal trio Spiritual Void presents their sophomore full-length album, “Wayfare,” which was just released on July 13, 2023 via Journey’s End Records. The label published the official full album stream, listen to it through the YouTube player below:

Spiritual Void was founded in the last breath of winter 2013 and is a Traditional Doom band from the Lake Constance area in the south of Germany.

The band comments: “Today is the day we have been working towards and waiting for so long. Among other things, and due to circumstances known to all of us, it has been a long and sometimes arduous journey of over three years of songwriting and another three years of production and design to this day. But despite everything, we didn’t let ourselves be deterred and walked this partly rocky path to the end and can now proudly present our new album called Wayfare.

However, we did not walk this path alone. We had a few companions to whom we would like to express our special thanks. Our old friend the Travelling Sorcerer Of Tonehenge Alexander Stöcker once again for the recording and production, Denise a.k.a Moy-a for the stunning artwork and design, Martin from Journey’s End Records for his trust and making all this possible and last but not least we would thank our new man at the drums Thomas for the mastering.

Yes, you read that right, Wayfare will be the last Spiritual Void album with Schunsky behind the doom drums. Before we started recording the new album, we decided to go this route. Therefore, our greatest thanks go to Schulsky, who once again gave everything for these recordings and surpassed himself. Thank you for this farewell gift, for walking this final journey with us, and for all the years at our side. You will always be a part of the soul of Spiritual Void. We are really looking forward to toasting the release with you later this day!

We hope we can convince you with our new work. Nothing less awaits you than what we believe to be the true essence of living…

Enough said! The day has come, the journey is going on. Time to wayfare…

Purchase “Wayfare” LP here: journeysendrecords.bigcartel.com


  1. Beyond The White Mountain
  2. Die Alone
  3. Old
  4. Dungeons Of Nerthus
  5. Wandering Doom
  6. Wandersmann

/ Guitar and Vocals
Mat / Bass
Schlunsky / Drums

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Journey’s End Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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