[News] Karambolage unveil the second single and title-track from upcoming debut album “Prås”

The Danish Instrumental Rock band Karambolage will release its debut album “Prås” September 28th, 2023 on LP/digital via Moment of Horseplay. Watch the official video through the YouTube player below:

Live at Feedback Studios 09.05.2023

Karambolage‘s debut album “Prås” is a collision of Instrumental Rock, Progressive Desert Doom and bold Noise-Jazz, moving between melodic moments to epic riffs and intrusive dissonances. The trio was formed in 2022 by members of Bersærk, Eigengrau a.o. and the band recorded the album over two live studio sessions in 2022/2023.

We’ve aimed for a live album with a raw and transparent expression, which gives an unobstructed impression of our sound and interplay. An expression, where the music can speak for itself, leaving listeners with space to interpret and form their own impressions,” says guitarist and composer Daniel Blaabjerg-Zederkoff. “We are really happy with the process we have been in, and how the album has turned out.

01. Prås
02. Spankuler
03. Flab
04. Gryr
05. Gestalt
06. Støvet

Simon Meiner
 / Drums
Kristian Koldbro / Bass
Daniel Blaabjerg-Zederkoff / Guitar

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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