[News] Karisma Records reveal the lineup for the upcoming 20 Years of Karisma Records mini festival

Karisma Records reveal the the complete lineup for the upcoming Karisma Records mini festival in Bergen!

From its beginning as a hobby project, started to release albums with talented friends, Karisma Records has grown to become one of the most significant and recognized record companies in the Nordics within progressive rock and related genres. In connection with the record company’s 20th anniversary, we invite you to a one-day festival on two stages at Det Akademiske Kvarter in Bergen and concerts with a number of artists from the company’s roster.

Purchase Tickets here: https://propulsionmusic.ticketco.events/no/nb/e/karisma_records_20_aars_jubileumskonsert_airbag_wobbler_oak

AIRBAG plays Atmospheric Progressive Rock and has a large international fan base. With close to 100,000 albums sold in physical format, the band is among Norway’s best-selling bands within the genre and has played at festivals and clubs in Europe and the USA.

WOBBLER is internationally recognized as one of the leading bands within the part of the Progressive scene that draws its main inspiration from the 70s. The band has released 5 records and is among the most in demand on Karisma Records.

OAK has a modern expression that mixes Rock, Prog and Dark Pop. The band has released 3 albums, 2 of which on Karisma Records and are receiving very good reviews worldwide.

MAGIC PIE has become a household name for prog fans around the world with their blend of Classic Prog and 70’s Hard Rock inspired by bands such as Dream Theater, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Deep Purple, Yes, etc. Fronted by band leader and guitar maestro Kim Stenberg, the band are known for their epic, energetic, melodic and sometimes Heavy Prog Rock with splendid vocal harmonies and great musicianship.

Even though we are closing in on 10 years since the last BRIMSTONE release “Mannsverk,” we are very pleased to have the band as part of the lineup. With their unique blend og 60s and 70s inspired Rock mixing in elements from both Prog and Psychadelic Rock, the band has been a personal favourite among parts of the label staff, a somewhat dusty gem from Bergen for you to discover.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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