[News] Khanate announce the long-awaited physical reissues of “Khanate” and Things Viral”

Khanate announce the long-awaited physical reissues of “Khanate” and “Things Viral.” Pre-order both records on various formats including the Sacred Bones mail-order exclusive vinyl variants orange (Khanate) and red black blend (Things Viral) while supplies last.

The band’s self-titled debut was immediately unsettling. Originally released in the fall of 2001, it spread five songs across a suffocating hour, setting a new standard for slow-motion tension in extreme music. In referencing Mikhail Bulgakov’s surrealist samizdat The Master and Margarita (“Torching Koroviev”) and featuring a song about wearing someone else’s skin (“Skin Coat”), the album struck a deft balance between high-minded literature and homicidal atrocity. This is the tightrope that Khanate walks, stretched between the most rarefied corners of the imagination and the psych ward.

In 2003, “Things Viral” increased the band’s reputation for striking fear into the fragile psyches of anyone who paid close enough attention. “Pieces of us in my hands, on the floor, in my pockets/red glory,Dubin howls on opener “Commuted,” setting the stage for Khanate’s second installment of existential dread. Dripping in death, murder and desperation, the album is somehow less forgiving than its predecessor. Which was probably the point.

These reissues come after the surprise release of Khanate’s fifth album “To Be Cruel” in May, which ended a 14-year hiatus for the band. “Capture & Release” and “Clean Hands Go Foul” reissues are forthcoming, keep your eyes peeled for more!

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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