[News] KITA published the official lyric video for the title-track from upcoming new album “Tyhjiö”

Finnish Psychedelic Doom band KITA published the official lyric video for the title-track from upcoming new album “Tyhjiö,” which will be released on August 11, 2023 via No Profit Recordings. Watch thevideo through the YouTube player below:

KITA is a Finnish Psychedelic Doom band that can be best described as a crossover between Oranssi Pazuzu and a much Heavier version of Tool. KITA was formed in 2020 during the pandemic, but the members share a long history of playing together in different bands and projects. What started as a studio project to produce the first record, “Ocean Of Acid” (No Profit Recordings, 2021) has now grown to a full band by the addition of a second guitar player.

On the second release, the band introduces the switch to singing in their native language. The title, “Tyhjiö(The Void), is in contrast to the album’s essence: At the same time songs are spacier, slower, heavier, and more cosmos-reaching than before, there is an element of filthy earthiness and serenity of being devoured by the surrounding nature. With the switch to the Finnish language, the lyrics are very personal and philosophical, reflecting deep inner conflicts under a psychedelic light. The CD version of an album will feature a translation of all lyrics to English for fans interested in digging deeper into the lore.

Musically KITA has its influences from Psychedelic Metal, Doom and Progressive Rock bands, like already mentioned Oranssi Pazuzu and Tool, Ufomammut, Kingston Wall, Mastodon, Pink Floyd and ISIS, but also from Psychedelic Electronic Music, Film Music and sound design. You can also hear the history of the band members bashing Hardcore Punk, Thrash and Progressive Metal.

Purchase the track opn Bandcamp: https://kitadoom666.bandcamp.com/track/tyhji-3

01. Kivi puhuu (The Stone Speaks)
02. Tyhjiö (The Void)
03. Torajyvä (The Ergot)
04. Kärpässilmät (Fly Eyes)
05. Ataraksia (Ataraxia)

/ Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Effects
Antti / Guitar
Topi / Bass, Backing Vocals
Aatu / Drums, Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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