[News] Kscope to reissue the tenth Gong’s album “Zero To Infinity” on CD and Vinyl

Zero To Infinity” (2000) was the tenth Gong album and the fifth album instalment in the evolving saga of Zero the Hero

Unavailable as a standalone release for almost 20 years, this 2023 CD edition in digipak – featuring re-purposed Daevid Allen album artwork – includes a four page booklet.

The album’s concept is based on Zero the Hero, the character introduced on the famous Radio Gnome Invisible Gong Trilogy and the music transcends genre to create an otherworldly, Psychedelic experience entirely unique to Gong

The album line-up features late, visionary leader Daevid AllenGilli SmythDidier Malherbe and Mike Howlett, alongside Soft Machinist Theo Travis and drummer Chris Taylor.

Pre-Order the CD Version here: https://burningshed.com/store/kscope/gong_zero-to-infinity_cd

Pre-Order the Vinyl Version here: https://burningshed.com/store/kscope/gong_zero-to-infinity_vinyl


A.1. Foolefare [0:43]
A.2. Magdalene [3:59]
A.3. The Invisible Temple [11:35]

B.1. Zeroid [6:09]
B.2. Wise Man In Your Heart [8:05]

C.1. The Mad Monk [3:26]
C.2. Yoni On Mars [6:08]
C.3. Damaged Man [5:13]

D.1. Bodilingus [4:04]
D.2. Tali`s Song [6:28]
D.3. Infinitea [7:49]

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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