[News] Legendary Peter Gabriel reveal “This Is Home” Bright-Side & In-Side mixes

From the official newsletter:

Hello friends,

The moon may be dark and new, the weather outside the window is increasingly grey and autumnal but the new release of “This Is Home” is bright. The Bright-Side mix by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent, released alongside the In-Side Mix from Hans-Martin Buff.

I think it’s got a groove but unlike most pop songs that have a middle eight or bridge this has two and they are both quite different. The first one is atmospheric and dreamy and we have this amazing all male choir which comes in slowly into this dreamy, garden-like section. The choir, Orphei Drängar, are based in Sweden and I think they get a fantastic sound, it’s dark, stirring and emotional. The strings in the other middle section I really like, it’s quite catchy, poppy in a way. I think John Metcalfe picked up on what I was trying to go for there and did a beautiful job, as always.’ – says Peter

Stream “This Is Home” here: https://lnk.to/PG21

By the time you read this, Peter and band will have played their 20th show of this North American run at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles. Just five more to go! Hopefully some of you reading have been able to see the show during this latest run of dates.

We promised a little preview, and below you will find the cover of the album “i/o.”

We can confirm that the physical release will be available in December and you can expect more news on when, what and where, via this very mailing list, in the very near future. Don’t go anywhere!

The cover image is photo by Nadav Kander, and was taken during a photo session at Nadav’s London studio in December 2022.

“I had some safe ideas planned” says Kander, “and some far more chaotic ideas too, ideas that would take their own direction. Peter loved, as did I, these unexpected pictures, each one not like the last. It was really quite amazing.”

Finally, for this edition, we were sent a fan-generated video for “Olive Tree a few weeks ago that Peter liked. In fact he liked it so much that we shared a link for it on social media this week. So, if you have a moment maybe check out Matthew Dimakos‘s video for “Olive Tree” below:

So, that’s your lot for today, but as mentioned above we’ll be back with more very soon. We don’t like to spam you with too many messages, but hopefully the next one will be one you’ve been waiting for!

See you soon. – Peter Gabriel

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