[News] Mastercastle to release new album in 2022 and unveil first single feat. Fabio Lione

The expected seventh album by Mastercastle will be released in January 2022 on Diamonds Prod. entitled “Lighthouse-Pathetic,” the disc will be released in two editions and with two different covers, for the digital portals and for the physical format.

Produced by Pier Gonella and Mastercastle, it will consist of nine tracks, plus two bonus tracks with various special guests in the CD edition.

Giorgia Gueglio thus summarizes “Lighthouse-Pathetic” as “a fascinating journey into our emotions, symbolized by the lighthouse that illuminates our path even when it seems dark and full of pitfalls.”

Pier Gonella summarizes: “musically, on the one hand the album sees a return to its origins, with a more gritty and faster sound and great work on vocal melodies alternating with highly sought-after instrumental pieces. On the other hand, five years after the previous album allowed me to better manage all my musical activities and produce an album with a truly competitive sound and in my opinion superior to the previous ones.”

The first single and related video, extracted from “Lighthouse-Pathetic,” was recently released and is titled “Who Cares for The Moon” with guest Fabio Lione, watch the official video through the Youtube player below:

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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