[News] Memory Garden: after 15 years guitarist Andreas “Ante” Mäkelä left the band

Swedish veteran Doomers Memory Garden shared news that after 15 years, guitarist Andreas “Ante” Mäkelä has decided to leave the band.

Statement from the group: “We have some sad news to announce. Our talented rythm guitarplayer for 15 years, Andreas “Ante” Mäkelä, has decided to leave the band. We’re very sorry for this loss and wish him all the best in future projects and life in general… Thanks Andreas, for all the good times, memories and your solid contribution to the band!

Comment from Andreas: “Tom, Stefan, Johan, Simon. I love you guys and Memory Garden. I am incredibly grateful for the years in the band and everything I got to experience together with you. All the time on stage, all the laughs, all the incredible music we made together. Grateful is the word, again.

But everything has it’s time. The right spark in me has been missing for a while, and then it is absolutely not right towards you or myself. Now comes new musical projects or maybe several. We’ll see. I wish you all the best in the future. See you along the way, love.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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