[News] Michael Abdow announce the new album “Séance In Black” and reveal the video for title-track

Guitarist/composer Michael Abdow, known by countless Metal fans for his work with Fates Warning, Ray Alder and Last Chance to Reason, has announced the details for his fifth studio album as a solo artist. The new record, titled “Séance In Black,” will be released on October 06, 2023 via Abdow’s own Couch Cat Records.

Speaking about the new album, Abdow had this to say:

“I am inspired to explore what can be said, felt and experienced with music, and my only objective is to be as sincere as possible with my playing and writing. I’m not writing guitar solo music, but rather progressive rock music with guitar as my voice. More than ever, my voice as a soloist is an accessory framed by the story told in each of these songs.”

To commemorate the announcement of his new LP, Michael Abdow has released Part I of the record’s title track, “Séance In Black.”

Watch the Visualizer for “Séance in Black (Part I)” through the YouTube player below:

Pre-Order the album here: https://www.michaelabdow.com/


  1. From The Silence
  2. Oracle
  3. Eternity
  4. Welcome Desolation
  5. The Turning
  6. Séance In Black (Part I)
  7. Evidence Of Angels

Michael Abdow‘s approach to playing and writing is as fluid as the timbre and spirit of his sound, viewing these not as separate elements but rather intuitively connected. Throwing caution to the wind, his style inhibits classification, invoking a wide range of styles and embracing impulse and emotion. Despite placing great emphasis on individual musicianship, his pursuit is of the ultimate experience that is becoming lost in the sublime summation of the parts, both in music and the orchestra of life.

Hailing from Western Massachusetts, Michael Abdow is an American guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer best known for his work with Progressive Metal legends Fates Warning, Ray Alder, Last Chance to Reason and as a solo artist.

His collaborative efforts include Prosthetic RecordsLast Chance To Reason (2011-2013), Fates Warning (2013-present) and Ray Alder (2018-present). He has released four solo albums, “Native Alien” (2010), “Life Symbolic” (2013), “E.S.O.” (2017), and “Heart Signal” (2020) which features legendary bassist Tony Franklin and drummer Shawn Deneault, along with numerous other full-length albums.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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