[News] Mirko Jymi publish the new album “Planets”

After a long time of absence Mirko Jymi publishes “Planets” a concept album on the theory of planets and cybernetics. From the beginning of the album “Cybernetics Part 1” starts (Maybe one day robots will take the place of human beings.) up to get to the center of the Opera, life on Mars, how it will be and how it could be. “Gravitational Force” A mini suite on gravitational force. A very structured and complex album, very accurate in sounds and details.
Written and arranged completely by Mirko Jymi.

Mirko says: “With the hope that this period we are going through will pass soon.
In order to resume concert activities, in Italy. My emotion, being able to bring planets, from Brazil, to Italy on tour. Best wishes to all the friends of the page. See you soon

More info on the album and other singles published are available on the Official Website and Youtube Channel links below:

Mirko Jymy |Official Website|Youtube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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