[News] Mother’s Cake release the third single “Love Your Smell” from upcoming album

Love Your Smell” is the third single to be taken from “Cyberfunk!” the forthcoming new album by Mother’s Cake. As per its predecessors, the well received “Toxic Brother” and “Crystals In The Sky,” its swampy groove transports the listener back to a time before modern recording techniques often ruined the beauty of spontaneity. With no overdubs, auto-tuning or other unnecessary frills, the essence of the song is captured in all its natural glory. Watch the video below:

Watch the second single “Toxic Brother“: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VU-8w_9VGw

Watch the first single Crystals in the Sky“: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8fGaY4lfV4&feature=youtu.be

The band says: “A mantra to eternal affection and reminiscences to cherish forever, ‘Love Your Smell’ unfolds its magic spell, its lyric fondly describing the smell of freedom, informality….and love.

By way of contrast, a slightly melancholy vibe also hints that things may not end well and that the cheerful disposition of the song’s protagonist could be hanging by a thread. Even so, the moment is lived and surely nothing else ultimately counts?

Pre-Order the album from the Mother’s Cake Official Website: https://www.motherscake.com/shop

05.11.20 / BRISTOL Crofters Rights
06.11.20 / LONDON 229 Room 2 
07.11.20 / MANCHESTER Satans Hollow
08.11.20 / SOUTHAMPTON Joiners

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